Thursday, June 25, 2009

The drive of campaing is missing

For some reason, current Vampire: the Masquerade campaign in Iceland is not running as smoothly, as it could. Start was pretty ok, but then it started to freeze a bit. There is too much boring things happening, and the plot seems for me to be kind of... too dull. The game is not advancing basically nowhere for some reason.

I don't know, is it because there is 2,5 (one shorter) campaigns before this with same character and maybe it just feels, that this character has experienced that much, there is not enough "new" or fresh ideas to go with. Maybe I just took a bit too big bit without properly preparing the game. You know, character is the leader of Iceland's underworld... what can she do next? I mean that as she is in such a big position, there is not those common "prince says" missions to do. And when character has that big status, it would be dull if she just did those common run-and-deliver-and-kill-intruders quests as they are ment for neonates. There is not much political aspect either available, as she is only vampire there, except of her most trusted followers ever.

So the campaign is withering because of it's own impossibility, lack of preparations and too high status character. So there is two ways to carry on. Bury the campaign and remember Angelmoon as a cool character or try to continue it with force.

There has been also some things going on without much of logic.

Here is in nutshell some things what has happened this far in campaing:

  • Angelmoon built a new nightclub for herself to attract "weird" humans who can be used as retainers and possibly new kindred if it comes to that point. How to get party good? Drinks mixed with a small amount of Angeline's blood to make those clubbers fancy the club and it's mysterious owner more.
  • Trying to build contacts. There is currently two. Motorcycle gang leader called Spike who looks like whale drifted to shore. Fat-ass bad-ass. Was quite easily to obtain with simple trade. Angelmoon's trusted vale Ex-Humane got Spike stuff, so Spike helps them. Other is dirty cop who uses steroids. Supply him with steroids to get some small favours in trade.
  • Methuselah incident, what I blogged earlier. Sabbat got rid of that Methuselah and Angelmoon's previously known Sabbat member Asmadeus (who actually originally kidnapped her from USA to Iceland) rewarded her with artifact of Ankh from Methuselah's lair. There is a small bug there. Sabbat in "real WoD" would have got rid of Angelmoon and her crew also, but that didn't happen, as Angelmoon and Asmadeus has somekind of silent agreement together.
  • That artifact of Methuselah's Ankh got attention of human from society to prevent humankind to find out those mystical things, that could shake whole mortal world with their excistense. Why there was ancient Egyptian Ankh in Iceland in this case. Angelmoon got a agreement with this human. Human knew that Angelmoon is not human being, but wasn't quite sure what she is. But as that secret sociaty knows there is supernatural things happening in world, he wasn't that curious. Angeline got to keep her Ankh (Toreador she is) but that society's advocate told her, that his society is watching her.
  • And there is Alec. Evil baddest of the bad Nosferatu (also posted about him earlier) who tease Angelmoon and her friends from now and then with his torturous plans. That Nosferatu Alec even did invade Angelmoon's and her coteries private area and Angelmoon's coterie fought that impossible fight back. The point was for Alec to show which of Angelmoon's members are useful and loyal towards her. One did not pass as he did not move his finger to fight.
  • While getting those steroids Ex-Humane and Creep (Angelmoon's Nosferatu in coterie) got hold of 100 kg (what!) of cocaine what they distribute as a payment for certain favours. Who doesn't like white powder eh? Especially when you are forced to sip it. Now there at their backyard is construction site for bunker in power of cocaine. Sweet and stupid. But it is World of Darkness.
  • Summer is long and full of light. There was that situation, that they had to find sanctuarium from sun to be in a whole month in safe. Safe from both humankind and sun in case they fall in torpor. So they did go to old mining site what was rumored to haunt (that was a lair of Tzimisce, what Angelmoon did destroy at previous campaing).
Rest of the game has been quite dull blah-blah. Random things happening and lots, lots of yapping between characters without much of a point. No, I like long irrevelant conversations between characters but still, the drive of this campaing is missing. If I was asked about this campaing "why" the answer would be, "dunno".

So, I am planning to give this campaing a small pause and start playing (and also testing) nWoD vampire. I have some pretty neat ideas for Mexico already. Best part is, that Vampire: the Masquerade has a special place in my heart, it will always be awesome so I can use Vampires in Requiem, but I'll do it a bit differently. Apparently Requiem is different than Masquerade, and it is cool that I can use it for totally different vampire adventures.

Currently I am reading World of Darkness core book and after that Vampire: the Requiem and Shadows of Mexico before kickin' new game in. There is lots of reading though. Three books which two of them are quite heavy. And learning new setting and system is always a struggle. While Masquerade has it's own gravity what makes it to float, I have to carry Requiem as a new game on my own arms. That can be fun learning and using new, but also can make game run a bit slow. Still, waiting for to get to try that one out.

Besides, as a Masquerade fan it is enlightened to know about Requiem as well.


Anonymous said...

Oi voi, ja alku kuulosti niin lupaavalta. Minne jäivät Sabbatin nodistilaumat, jotka tulevat tutkimaan Islannin legendoja joidenkin juuri toiselta puolelta maapalloa löytämiensä vanhojen kirjoitusten perusteella? Eikö kerrostalon betoniseinään ilmestynyt mystisesti enokiankielistä tekstiä? Minne joutui se nuori kainiitti, jonka kehon jokin muinainen otti lyhyeksi hetkeksi haltuunsa? Profetioiva koditon kadunkulmassa? Metusalahin tosinimen paljastuminen? Portti Enokiaan? Suuri Temppeli? :D Nodistit ovat vähän kuin CoC tutkijoita... Vaikka tosi on, ettei kamppista kannata jatkaa jos se ei nappaa.(VCF)

Unknown said...

Taisivat nuo jäädä pelinjohtajan impotenssiin, kyvyttömyyteen heittää tuollaista kehiin. En tiedä, ehkä jotenkin vain tuo peli on "pelattu", se on kuitenkin tavallaan jatkunut jo aika kauan ja loppunutkin pari kertaa. Draivi vain puuttui.
Loistavia ideoita btw!