Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vampire campaign

After a small break (half a year even) I kicked in a new Vampire: the Masquerade campaing few months ago where it last time ended.

Last campaing ended when chronicle's main character Angeline "Angelmoon" Callisto, a Toreador, was kidnapped from her town in USA and got dragged (shipped actually) to Iceland where she in the end destroyed his kidnappers (who were minions of Sabbat. Not worth of anything suppose, as one Torador whooped their butt). Iceland was divided in half of realm with another kindred, in post-text of campaing what player had free hands to write campaing out that other vampire was also destroyed and Angeline left alone.

This new campaing started from where last ended.

For first games main idea was loneliness and angst, but it started to feel a bit too much of anemic so as a Storyteller I "arranged" few Angeline's ex-coterie people from Night Speed Children to get into Iceland and join her in the isolated island. The whole coterie is not present there, as I "dropped" out the most annoying and useless membes of it and brought only important and interesting to join new campaing. Others of the coterie can lay where ever they are. Angelmoon the character, me as Storyteller or player cannot care more.

In the other hand, one of the most powerful and vicious npc in Camarilla Angelmoon (and quite few other) know has joined Iceland. Nosferatu primogen of Angelmoon's ex-city. Alec D'arc, the Nosferatu, never suited to Camarilla rules, but Sabbat is too strict to him. He is vicious and spreads his enjoyment of destruction, torture, terror and domination where ever he walks. But still player likes a lot of that npc and it is also my favourite. Even if it is bad news for characters that Alec is around, for players it is fun.

The drive of the game changed from angst to building Iceland's territory and realm and taking advantage of different "hotspots" in Iceland, to make it as good as possible for vampire-society and Angelmoon's coterie to live. Player himself is not that interested in this kind of political gaming so there is few obstacles. Usually "what I am supposed to do now" situations where player is unsure what his character should do next. Luckily there is his coterie of loyal npc's through which Storyteller (I) can carefully help player so she don't get stuck on anything and game goes on.

Basically this is normal Vampire set for us as it has always been. A little bit of action, lots of bullshit talking (between characters), a pinch of romance, a taste of violence and brimful of angst.

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