Saturday, September 7, 2013

[MF] Home-made flamethrower

Picture shamelessly stolen from:
If it spits some flammable and that can be ignited, it's a home-made flamethrower. But those thingies might be risky to use. It's different to show it for laughs than actually use in combat situations.

These home-made flamethrower rules are for Mutant Future (and other old-school systems of your choice).

Weapon----------Damage-------Trigger type--------Normal/Max Range------Weight-------Charges
Home made
Flamethrower         4d4*                Burst**                     10ft./30ft.***              22 lbs.        4d6****

*Damage is special. The dice are "explosive". If the highest result is rolled (4) roll the die again and add the new result to previous. Also save versus Poison or Death or catch in fire! d4 damage every round as long as the fire is put out or a number 1 is rolled on damage die.

**If the first attack succesfully hits an opponent, next rounds are easier to hit. +1 to attack roll every continuous round up to +5 modifier.

***Everything between this range and the target aimed at should roll Save versus Poison or Death or suffer damage.

****Ten charges/rounds of fuel. But there's some risks to use. With natural 1 on attack roll the wielder of this weapon catches fire and suffers damage 4d4 multiplied by the remaining charges! With the roll of natural 20 the flamethrower malfunctions releasing all the remaining fuel at once. Damage multiplier = charges remaining.