Monday, October 12, 2009

Spooky: The definitive guide to horror gaming

This is last game I got. It was a really positive surprise, as I thought it is just a general guide for horror roleplaying, but soon I found out it also includes simple horror rpg rules, what is cool. Not just a info packet here, but an actually game.

What I look at the book, I like alot the cover art. It somehow reminds me of comic books. It has few details and is very lively. Also black and white print suits the cover really great.

Illustration generally varies a lot. Best of the pictures in this book are good enough, but worst suck alot. Worst pictures must be either really amateur or stupid cartoonish would-be-funny-but-fail-miserabely-in-horror-game-book styled. Good part is, that there is also those nice pictures around. Somehow illustration reminds me a bit of old finnish rpg's.

The book is not that long, only slightly over 100 pages. But what I have shuffled it quickly it seems to be full of useful fluff for horror gaming and hints to gm's for a good horror session. Cannot say more though, as haven't read it. What I have read online about it, it seems to be good book.

Can't wait to have time to start reading it, as it seems to be really nice rpg book for a horror fan like myself. Not sure will I use rules or only advices presented there for other games, but I think I will give the rules their change also. Also after reading and testing it I am planning to review it completely.

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