Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AFMBE scenario, BBQ from hell

I am currently totally into All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I haven't yet read full book but am already halfway done. Game is neat. Rules are easy and neat.

I know, you can play zombie-games in almost any rpg you got. There is zombies in D&D, and in Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, even Fading Suns has sort of zombies. But whole game about zombies is fantastic.

As in other games zombies are just one template in AFMBE you can create unlimited amount of your own zombies and customize them to be different in every campaing. There is no two similar zombies.

Also rules are quite lite. Basically add attribute + skill and throw D10. Add them and see did you get over target number 9. Easy. Ofcourse there is a bit more, but basics are simple. There is also rules to use regular playing cards or diceless system.

So, what is BBQ from hell all about? It is based on a dream I had one night. Neighbours (player characters) have gathered in saturday evening for a nice barbequing when husband asks his wife to go fetch some cigs from their home. Wife notices drunken and wobbling person on their frontyard but ignores him. When she peeks from their window, is that drunken dude still around he is. Drunken dude rises his head, his eyes are grey and mouth filled with blood.

And the zombie-survival starts.

There will be involved controlled goverment test. There will be zombies to avoid and army that will keep you inside the city at any cost. You cannot get out or be shot and it is only a matter of a time will you either be eaten by zombies or be zombified yourself. And you don't have much time to survive, as army is going to burn the whole town down...

I will write this as pdf-file ready to play zombie scenario. Just need to write idea down, get some hotspots characters to possibly to visit, create some other npc survivors and ofcourse, create the zombies! I need to read rulebook to get those npc's and zombies going, but otherwise it is just writing. A bit railroading? Could be at the beginning atleast to get things working properly as intended. This will be first AFMBE scenario I write and will be first fan-based bublish I have ever done to share with others. And I am waiting for it like zombie is waiting for his brain-porridge meal.

So, when I know rules and get the writing done, be prepared for...

BBQ from Hell!


DeadGod said...

I always look forward to an AFMBE scenario!

I've written and run several scenarios myself, and the best advice I can give you is this: If this is going to be a limited game (in other words, only one or two sessions,) give the players a visible goal. You don't have to introduce it to them right at the start of the session, but it should be there to be discovered.

In your example, you might want to provide them a way out. Maybe they have to rescue a pilot that can fly them out of there, maybe they have to brave the sewer system to sneak under the military, maybe they have to clear out an old bomb shelter they know about (and thus hang out in there until the military is done burning everything down.)

Unknown said...

Thank you for advices. I might give few options to get away or survive, possibilities what could work. If there was only one option, it would be too much of railroading and finding that one hotspot what is intended to find.

I was actually thinking about renegade-pilot who would save those survivors (if any) against armys orders and was also thinking that sewer systems. Bunker is also a good idea.