Thursday, September 24, 2009

New games: Pendragon and Werewolf: the Apocalypse

I got today my new games and retrieved them from post office. Bought them via forum.

For first I was intentend to buy only Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but also got Pendragon on the top of that. I am very pleased with the deal. Thanks to the seller.

I was very excited when coming home with the box and opening it. First I got Werewolf on my hands and it looked really cool. 2nd edition it is, with purple cover and that scratch on top you can see through in inner page.
Pendragon was a real surprise. I definately have had it on my hands, I must have had it I don't doubt it but also don't recon it, so it looked so thick... and big. When I started to check it out I was awed. So full of information, propably historically quite accurate also (according to bibliography). Several pages without rules just fluff for game, not so bad pictures (nor great either). Surprise was also that publisher of Pendragon is Chaosium what for me has a reputation of quality games (for example Call of Cthulhu). Second surprise was that cover art is made by a guy named Stephen King! I am not sure, is it the same King as my favourite horror author, or just a random guy with same name. But it is pretty cool still.

So, just got yet again two more games in my collection. Werewolf what I have been wanting for many many years and Pendragon, what was really a positive surprise.


Zzarchov said...

Pendragon (and the expansions, I have beyond the wall, Im looking for some of the others) are great products. They really offer some great ideas and insights.

Unknown said...

True, what I quickly noticed, it might be historically quite accurate and realistic for an rpg, it has great amount of fluff.

Rules I am not sure about yet though, as I just flapped it through.

But looks really really interesting game, and that could be a game I enjoy reading alot.