Friday, December 28, 2012

Chainmail bikini statted

Chainmail bikini is one kind of armor that possibly cannot protect you that much. Here's stats for the chainmail bikini and what it actually does.

AC: No change.
Price: 50 gold (silver for LotFP)

If the opponent doesn't hit you roll d20 against your Charisma. If the roll result is below your Charism the opponent is awed and cannot attack you for your Charisma modifier + 1d3 turns (minimum 1 turns).

Every 1000 gold (silver for LotFP) extra you invest in your chainmail bikini you get +1 to your Charisma modifier when wearing it.

Chainmail bikini cannot be used with any other armor (except with helmets and shields if those are separated from other types of armor).


Umberto Pignatelli said...

Nice Idea! Can I give my version?
Chainmail Bikini
AC: Equal to your cCarisma bonus (max level/2).
Base:If opponent misses you, you can roll a d20 against Charisma. If you roll less than your Charisma you can do an immediate melee attack against him, using the Charisma bonus instead of the Strength bonus.
Improved Version: Each 500 gold spent on the Chainmail Bikini, you raise by one point your Charisma stat (not the modifier).

Unknown said...

Your version is more powerful. My "design" idea was that that as the chainmail bikini possibly cannot protect you as an armor and it is an sex symbol it should work that way.

Your version is more like "the ultimate sexy armor" as it gives both AC and bonus attack. Obviously more attractive characters get better benefices but still.