Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas rpging

Finally finished last adventure. It was ment to be only 1-3 game sessions, but stretched to be over 10. I liked it, but didn't like how it came out.

I have another Call of Cthulhu in more traditional Mythos way what I also would like to do as 1-3 sessions game, and this time I will success! It just needs planning ahead.

Another option is to play Vampire: the Masquerade with the same character we used in last campaign what we finished.

Two options to choose from.

I also got us Nintendo Wii. Our only of these new gaming consoles. I already have old XBox an PS2 though, but this is the new shitz. I know, that graphically PS3 or X360 would have been better choises, and to be frank, I don't find that many great games in Wii collection that I find from those two other consoles.

Still, the reason why I decided to go for a Wii is it's party-gaming function. I think it would be fun to use Wii-mote to actually swing a club etc. Physically involved gaming. It's totally different than PC, PS2 or XBox what I already have.

So, Christmas will be CoC or V:tM and Wii in gaming.

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