Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[LotFP] Two classes - one character

So I am planning to start running those LotFP adventures I own. I plan to run those as adventures and not a campaign. If character survives the adventure he'll get back to town to get ready for second adventure. No need to detailed down-time this time.

I know that most of the Raggi adventures can be ran with 0 level commoner or 15 level fighter equally. But still I'd like to include some character rule options for player to use. This is the solution I am planning to use.


There will be two main characters. Player's character and one NPC. Player will roleplay her character normally and I as Referee will play NPC as a character. Only difference is that player uses the resources of NPC's class. So it is up to player to use spells, special abilities etc. of the NPC. Basically player plays 1,5 characters this way.


Only two main characters but there are more than two character classes with special class specific abilities. So player character and NPC will be dual classed with both their classes' abilities. The class combinations will be most likely:

  • Magic-User - Specialist. To be in background support and general tinkerer.
  • Figter - Cleric. To be the one who takes initial blows and supports (think about cleric in chainmail with mace or something else more battle orientated holy man)
Rules For Dual Class

  • Experience and levels. The character will follow the experience table of higher need. For example if Magic-User class needs 1200 exp and Specialist class needs 900 character will level up when he reaches 1200 experience points.
  • After leveling. Character will get both benefices of his classes. Fighter-Cleric will get +1 to AB and access to new spells. Magic-User-Specialist will get new spell slots and points in skills.
  • Hit Die. Hit dice will be thrown from both classes and the average of those results will be HP addition. For example Magic-User-Specialist will roll d6+d8 (if I remember right). If total result is 10 character will gain +5 HP.
  • Bonuses to Save. Character will use better Saves. If first class has Save versus Death 15 and other Save versus Death 14 the latter will be new Save.
I Will Get It Right Later

I am not totally sure about those numbers etc. I have to refer to the rules book and make final decisions with it. But that is the plan I think I am going to use at this point. Some adjustments might apply when I finish this.
I will post final result (or beta what ever) when I got time to create it.

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