Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blog update after summer break

It Was A Lightning

My summer break in internet use started in early summer. The last lightning strike of one of the first thunder storms burned my modem and part of my computer's motherboard. I had some difficulties to get a new modem (and computer parts, but that's another story) but fortunately one kind soul and fellow gamer friend helped me out.

But when I got internet running after a small break I decided that I will reduce my computer time this summer. And that's what I did. Maybe I should have announced it. There were times when I was thinking is my blog dead now? But no, it isn't. From this day I start blogging again - or continue it.

So, welcome back. I am happy to see old faces commenting and sharing my posts and I also welcome all the new faces!

Projects Burned

Well, it wasn't only parts of my motherboard what got burned. But also my USB hard-drive. With all my documents and projects (and personal photos and videos). So my projects? Yeah. Nothing left! There's something on Google Drive (should use cloud services to storage important stuff) but nothing major.

So basically everything I've done is lost. I have to start again!


Well, anyways. I had too many projects open anyways so now I will start just one and focus on it. There are few options to choose from what I already had to be re-written or I might start a new one. I'll just have to decide what I want to do first.

Mutant Future Forever

Still playing Mutant Future. It is awesome. One of the best games I've played. Well, there's no setting and the rules are simple but it's really super inspiring and easy to use. I love it. If you don't know what Mutant Future is, go to Goblinoid Games and download free no-art PDF of the full game. Then you can buy it from Drivethru. Go now!

Musing Vampires Not So Masqueraded

I liked Vampire: the Masquerade a lot. And I've played a lot of it. But now the whole game seems so boring. After Mutant Future madness storytelling horror sounds super lame. But I've been thinking about making Vampire more... mythical or dark fairytalish. More vampires. Darker cities. More gothic and punk. More blood, chains, leather and laces. Like 1800 steampunk meets 2020 cyberpunk with Kult (the rpg).

Or maybe I'd use Requiem for that? New game (for me) new tales.

I just need to buy WoD core book, because I don't own it. I have free pdf they shared ages ago printed, but it sucks to use. If I just could get one WoD core for extremely cheap... Well well gotta search for it.

Oh And Google+ And What's Going On

For me Google+ rpg people and communities have been extremely entertaining and informative (thank you G+ rpg people, I love you guys). But haven't been using it for a while. So I don't know what's going on. What's new, what's trending, what you guys have been writing. So now I got tons of things to do to update my social circle wisdom.

Jim Raggi Slow Down!

Dear James, stop publishing so many awesome items. I cannot afford it all. At the moment, anything of it. At the moment one product with limited print of 666 is stressing me out. Because I fucking want it. I want it badly. And I cannot buy it!

Searching your store is both mind tingling and frustrating.

Keep selling those items and -umh well- publishing new ones. I'll buy it all when I got extra cash.

And I like your products in print. PDF are cool, but dead-wood looks so cool on my shelf.

Yours, Thaumiel

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