Sunday, April 17, 2011

A-Z: J for Joy roleplaying games give for me

J for joy, not very imaginative. But it's the first word came up my mind, so I'll use it (oh and late in schedule for this challenge, as usual).


I think I breath and live roleplaying games. I think about them a lot. When I am bored or have free time but nothing special to do, like for example downtime at work, waiting for something etc. my mind really often wonders to roleplaying games. And I enjoy it. Time flies, well, actually I don't mind waiting or something, thanks to imagination. It's really refreshing just to be able to be and let your mind wander.
Naturally, I do think about "real" things also, but roleplaying games are an escape away from real world problems, schedules and so on.


It's not just playing, or preparing to play. If I see a good -or even not so good- movie, I usually think what kind of rpg adventure it could be, how it would be ran, would it be easy to do or would it need modifications? Would player's find that plot or adventure more fun than the movie is?
I have usually found, that even horrible movie could work as roleplaying game adventure or plot. Don't know how, but somehow it seems to be more fun to actually re-create it to play than just watch on tv. Actually, how many of your regular roleplaying adventures would be worth a movie, but still you and your gaming group have enjoyed them? Or how many commercial fun adventure could be a good movie? Yes, some, maybe even most, but most definately not all. Next time you see a bad movie, think about it how it could still work as rpg advenure. You could be surprised.


When I get myself new rpg book, I usually have to order it because where I live here are no stores what supply rpg products. But it is exciting. I find a rpg book, want it and buy it. After I have decided to buy it, then starts the waiting part. There is day or two after ordering when I can start to wait the product to arrive based on postal office, but there are varieties, how fast did the seller post it...
When I get the packet, it is cool to unwrap it. First I check the cover, then read back cover and after it shuffle the book .Usually it ends up with other rpg books I have never read, but sometimes I do read them.
It's not that I don't like the book that I don't read it. I don't have got time. But I like them, I like to shuffle them and own them. Collecting them and shuffling them and owning them is as satisfying as playing them. Of course I have few games what I usually play all over again even though I could play every new campaign with a new game for years to come.


I am happy gamer. Or am I happy as gamer? Would I be as happy even though I wasn't a gamer, or would there be something instead making me feel the same? I don't know.

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