Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and a word or two about Savage Worlds

Watched Mummy: tomb of the Dragon Emperor in last two nights. I did not like it. But I do see that it could be nice action packed roleplaying adventure. Maybe using Savage Worlds rules.

Problem in the movie was that it mixed pulp action with mummy with ancient China kung-fu. I think it was when all these Chinese kung-fu movies were hot so Mummy crew jumped to that bandwagon. It didn't work for me. I do like some Chinese kung-fu (wire-fu) movies, but this was too much of a mix-up.

Anyways even though some movies might be stupid as a movie story, they might or could work really well in roleplaying campaign seed. This is a good example of that kind of movie. I didn't like it but still watching it was an inspiration.

I think that Savage Worlds for me means pulp action game. People say how SW can handle all kinds of settings but I see Savage Worlds as number one pulp style game platform. I wouldn't use SW for high-fantasy, cyber punk, horror, but for Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon King kind of action it could be perfect.

As a movie, I'd give Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor lousy 1½ stars.
As Savage Worlds adventure idea, I'd give 4 stars.

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