Friday, July 13, 2012

Lost world adventure - Haven't done it

If this isn't awesome I don't know what is!
I have played roleplaying games for 19 or so years now. But I can't remember I have ever ran a lost world adventure. By lost world I mean for example a forgotten valley or some other place with dinosaurs and primitive tribes and forgotten temples.

Why? I don't know. When I was a kid I liked dinosaurs. I read all these books about dinosaurs in library and had my share of Dinoriders but still didn't include those in my games. Why didn't I do it because it would have been an obvious adventure to play? I don't know.

But I bet if I played AD&D back then (I didn't like it stupid me) it would have been different. Why? If I had played and liked AD&D in Monster Manual there are dozens of dinosaurs waiting to be used in an awesome way. So if I were an AD&D gamer there would have been all these dinosaurs right in the rules book waiting to be used.

I bet that if I would have played AD&D back then I would have been playing lost world type of campaigns with dinosaurs. Now I am 30 years old so should I finally make it happen? Not a big AD&D fan today either but luckily there are all these retro-clones to be used with AD&D MM.

Oh and check out that Dinoriders picture up there. That + roleplaying games would be mind-blowing!

Have you played lost world type games with dinosaurs? Did you do it when you were a kid or later as a nostalgic awesomeness? Or does the little kid inside you still like dinosaurs?

Oh, and fuck you science!

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