Friday, July 13, 2012

Mutant Future character creation with comments

Finally downloaded Mutant Future to read. Did read it immediately and now after few days I am playing it. And now I will create a character for it. Let's check out the character creation!

Mutant Future Character Creation Step By Step

First we roll stats. Anyone familiar with D&D and clones knows that there are 6 stats which are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Willpower and Charisma. There are three methods presented for Abilities:
- Roll 3d6 in a row
- Roll 3d6 and put where you like
- Roll 4d6, drop lowest

I choose to roll in a row. My Ability results are: 9, 9, 10, 13, 5, 6. What? I would consider this a hopeless character and re-roll! I bet my GM would say I must keep the following results and that is okay with me. So let's roll again and hope that results won't suck that much. My new (now to keep) results are:
Strength: 11 - Modifier to hit, damage and forcing doors: 0
Dexterity: 8 - AC+1, Missile Attack and optional initiative modifier -1
Constitution: 9 - Poison and Radiation save throw modifiers 0
Intelligence: 12 - Technology Roll modifier 0%
Willpower: 14 - Willpower is used as it is in mental combat
Charisma: 9 - Reaction adjustment 0, Retainers 4 and retainer morality 7

Really around average results, but let's move on.

Next, choose the race. Options are: Android (three types), Mutant Animal, Mutant Human, Mutant Plant and Pure Human. Each race has different benefices. I choose Mutant Plant because... well... in what game you get to play a mutant plant? This and I take it!

So as a Mutant Plant I get these stuffs:

- 1d6 HP per point of CON = 3, 6, 6, 4, 6, 4, 4, 1, 6 = 40 (Nice!)
- 2 plant mutations and 1d6 human/animal mutations divided equally between physical and mental (if unequal I'll decide the remaining). I rolled 6 and get total of 8 mutations! This mutant plant is so fucking mutant! I roll 3 physical and 3 mental human/animal mutations.

My mutations are (rolled randomly 2 plants, 3 physical human/animal and 3 mental human/animal):
- Injected poison sap (poisonous vines PC can use to attack. Poison is randomly rolled = 6d6 damage but with succesful save ½)
- Abnormal size (d20 roll result is 15 and my mutant plant is 20 times larger than "normal specimen". Does that mean that normally my mutant dandelion would be... a dandelion with intelligence? What about mutant oak x15 in size?)
 - Reflective epidermis (d8 roll tells that my character is immune to electric damage)
- Pain sensitivity (Don't know pain, player doesn't know current HP. It's GM data)
- Toxic weapon (30' toxic attack and effect randomly rolled to 8d6 damage or ½ with save)
- Flight, psionic (can fly movement of 10 x WIL)
- Phantasmal damage (when I get damaged some weird shit goes on in my mind and I get double damage)
- Mental phantasm (can make realistic mental projections one sees but isn't real when touched)

Final touch? Rolling 3d8x10 for starting money (got 90) and purchasing equipment (too boring to write and read).

And my character is done!

Crazy mutant plant 15 times larger than normal dandelion (yep, mutant dandelion) what has two different poisonous attack (though at first level 1 per turn), immune to electric damage but vulnerable to other kinds of damage. It can fly and cast mental illusions.

What are your Mutant Future character creation experiences like? Is your current character totally gonzo or post-apocalyptic survivor?

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