Monday, August 20, 2012

Got my Monolith and other goodness

Long wait rewarded with above items. I finally got my The Monolith From Beyond Space And Time. But also two extra items. Death Love Doom was published almost the same time so I added it and a bonus for waiting for The Monolith so long people also got Green Devil Face #5.

The Monolith From Beyond Space And Time is the main product of the trio. It is thicker than it was meant to be with great menacing art. And the valley is great place to put your adventurers in and the Monolith... haven't read that far yet!

Death Love Doom has a reputation being repulsive, but I found it awesome. I do like horror and core and all the grotesque but I see how Referees should be really cautious who they play DLD with. There are some taboos people find disturbing - genitalia and kids, both mutilated.

Green Devil Face #5 is Raggi's Fanzine of Lamentations Of The Flame Princess and it is sweet little trinket full of interesting small items you can use in your games. For example nasty raggian trap and alternative experience rules. There is a big layout botch with natural 20 (critical success if you will) table but it will be fixed later. Well, nothing that a real Referee cannot cope with and fix himself.

These three items in one package provided almost overwhelming excitement and awe.

Raggi did it again producing two great new products and a fun additional ideas in GDF.

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JimLotFP said...

Just want to note that the layout botch in the print version has been corrected in the PDFs that are up for sale, and the people that got this print version will get cards with both charts included when God that Crawls mails.