Friday, October 26, 2012

This weekend I'll run DFD with slightly modded LotFP characters

Finally it is here. The day when I'll finally play a roleplaying game. Because in Finland we don't have official Halloween I'll place our Halloween on this weekend. And the game I chose we play is LotFP and the adventure will be Death Frost Doom.

But there's a minor modification for characters. I only have one player this weekend but I want to fill more character class slots. So party will have character, NPC as a character and some retainers.

The character and NPC character will both be dual-classed. This means that in character creation:

  • Player chooses two classes for his character and I choose two classes for my NPC.
  • Savings will be the better ones from the two classes.
  • Experience needed will be from the class with higher requirements for leveling.
  • Character will have benefices from both classes (for example Fighter-M-U would have +1 to AB and ability to cast spells.
  • Dual-class characters can act twice per turn in combat - one action per character class.
Reason for dual-class characters is that there is less characters to play for both me and the player but more "characters" to act in combat. Actually the combat part is not that important in LotFP but it is good to be there.

Also character death is modified as I am planning to use same two characters (player and NPC) in other scenarios and adventures also. So if character dies s/he is out of that adventure but can start next adventure with half of his experience. The level is not affected but character death will affect character advancement. More often you die more time it takes to gain next level.

I also use rules modifications from my last post. In example Elven magic and other minor mods.

But what if player character dies before adventure is solved? There are two options... Character can start from the beginning where he left with experience points penalty or she can choose to make a living retainer her next character and continue right away. Or dead character can sort of sacrifice one retainer to resurrect.

Hmmm... Maybe character can get some kind of magical amulet what's power is to resurrect character when sacrificing the life of someone else. But that would need a morality test from the remaining NPCs. When character is resurrected his HP will be the current HP of sacrificed retainer (but no more than maximum naturally).

To get enough starting equipment and retainers I think I'll give character the starting funds of both of his/her class.

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Anthony Hopper said...

Nice blog...As an aside, I didn't know Finland didn't celebrate Halloween (as an official holiday).