Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunker & Caves teaser cover (Mutant Future dungeon)

I started to write this bunker with a dungeon for Mutant Future for my player to explore. Thought, why not Google Drive it so others can also use it if they want to. I am 55% done now.

This is a teaser cover for Bunker & Caves!

And here's the map:

Stay tuned for the final product! It will be free!

In comments you could say what you would like to see here. If it fits my plans, I'll include it with your name in credits! YEY!


Admin said...

This is great news! :)

CharlieAmra said...

Nice cover; really evocative.

Jonas said...

Give me blind mutants with molten faces, inbred cannibal descendants of politicians who have been hiding from electorate since the world burned, brains suspended in glass tanks, robots with mechanical tentacles ending to plasma cutters, reptoids out of depths of earth cache of experimental energy weapons.