Friday, January 24, 2014

Short Order Heroes, a product from Calico Games

So, you should propably check out their website to know what the thing is.

I am a widget guy in roleplaying games. I like random tables and random rolls. I love inventing the things using my imagination but still I love some randomness every now and then. I've used methods like looking around describing a NPC and first thing I notice is scissors then obviously the NPC is a "sharp" guy. That short of things I love.

Image from Calico Games' website.

I have tried to make different types of cards but I don't like the crafts part of it too much. I can write stuff up but assembling, cutting, printing is not my cup of tea.

You can already see where I am coming with this. Short Order Heroes seems like a perfect solution for me. There are random numbers to fiddle with (how bad is the bad guy... card's number is 9 so he is PRETTY damn BAD). Also descriptions to create not only NPCs but anything (the forest is unnerving and complicated are basics but wise, that's inspirational!). The pictures are nice too to help visualize the things.

I am not into yet another rules but I can see how to use these cards in my games with the rules I play.

Can't wait to read around web how creative people will use these cards! And me wants too!

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