Thursday, February 6, 2014

Overwhelmed by RPG products

When I was young and I didn't have that much own money it was easy. I had to save money to buy something I wanted to play or use in my games.

Later when I was older and had a job and more money I could buy more. Even those what seemed interesting but I wouldn't necessarily actually use.

And when I discovered internet I didn't have to walk into a store to buy rpg books. I could just browse online stores and buying used RPG products was way much easier. That's when I started to buy more products I don't use if those were cheap enough.

Later I found how much there was free good RPG products to download and thanks to OSR the variety was huge! And indie publishers made commercial PDFs that was also cheap. This is when my RPG collection got a little out of hand thanks to digital products. I downloaded more stuff than I ever read. And my physical books buying went almost to zero.

Then LotFP happened. Well it happened earlier but when I found LotFP. After buying Grindhouse Edition boxed set I was hooked and started to buy LotFP products. LotFP was and is actually only physical book producer at the moment I spend money to. I could live and game forever with free stuff online, but LotFP is something I love to collect and support with my money.

At some point I started to test and read RPG products that weren't ready yet and as a thanks received those when those were ready. Started with some dead trees and expanded to PDFs also. And now from now on someone sends me his new RPG product (PDFs mostly) to review!

Now I am overwhelmed! I got those books I have bought but never read. Tons of free and bought PDFs waiting to read. And those people send me sometimes. And LotFP to collect.

I cannot say how much I appreciate that some of you guys (who read this blog or not) send me your products for me to review. But at the same time it makes me feel bad if I don't have time to do it! It should not be a big deal to read 10 to 200 pages to review (actually testing in play is a little harder to find time and convince my player to do it with me).

So you guys who have sent me stuffz to see and you realize nothing happens from my part (I don't publish my reviews and opinions or hype) don't hate me. I do my best. I know it might not be your intention that after your product's been out for months and the initiative hype is over then I step in. I am sorry.

But all you who make new stuff, commercial or free continue the good work. I think that thanks to internet, forums, blogs, G+ and other social forums the roleplaying games are not dying anytime soon. And the hobby is stronger than ever. Even if the big companies might have their problems with sales you (WE) little guys do the good job.

So good fellow gamers. Continue creating great stuff. Share it free or sell it. I keep my eyes at you.

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