Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Someone might know already, how I love White Wolf's World of Darkness products. There are many rpg's that are really cool and fun, but there's something about WoD. It is brilliant. It is pure gold. I love it. Especially old World of Darkness.

And now I feel extatic! I made the find of the century.

In finnish auction site called in section of roleplaying-, strategy-, board- and card-games section I found the deal of my life! Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition pack! And I don't mean Garou pack, but game books pack.

It included:
  • Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd edition (I already had this one)
  • Werewolf: the Dark Ages
  • Axis Mundi: The Book Of Spirits
  • Litany Of The Tribes Volume 1
  • Litany Of The Tribes Volume 2
  • Litany Of The Tribes Volume 3
  • Litany Of The Tribes Volume 4
  • Pentex: Monkeywrench!
  • Project Twilight
  • Ways Of The Wolf
  • Werewolf Chronicles Volume 1
  • Werewolf Storytellers Handbook
  • The Werewolf Players Guide
I cannot express how happy my roleplaying self is. This packet of 13 games was pure gold. And they cost me 26€ (~37 USD). All of them. That makes 2 Euros per book (2,85 USD).

I think, that this was one of the best roleplaying games deal of history. Ever.

But there is one problem, what makes me a bit depressed. 12 new books more to read... Dammit. But they look nice, feel nice, are nice to touch and...

Or did you get better deal? If you did, tell me by posting a reply!

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