Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RPG's and Satan

I cannot believe, that this kind of thing still excists. The facts are allways incorrect and all the reasoning pulled out of randomly.

I remember, when I started to play when I was just a kid (11 years old) some of the people around me did think I was invovled in satanism and/or Satan worshipping.

You might want to check this site out, but don't let your blood pressure go too high.

And remember (according to that site) what is the real purpose for RPG Cons:
"Now, games give explicit instruction in the rituals and methods of the occult. Indeed, gaming tournaments are prime times for occultists to find 'recruits' with exceptional ability" 


Anonymous said...

Religious nuts have been with us from the dawn of times. Don't worry overmuch, they have not the power to burn at the stake anymore. Just shrug them away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but most non-gaming people dismiss this stuff these days.

Back in the 80's if you told your mom that you played D&D, she worried about your soul and whether you were worshipping Satan. Now if you tell your mom you play D&D, she'll worry that you'll never get your fat butt out of the basement and get a real job or kiss a girl.

Unknown said...

Both Anonymous are right. I know, that today witch-hunt for roleplaying games is not that bad as it was in 80's, but still I cannot but wonder how some people still stand in that camp.

But for those Christians I think that everything is demonic. From heavy metal music to roleplaying games to computer games to Pokémon etc.

It's just crazy, that in today modern world people still think like in 1600.

But then there's this:

I think it is more are you gamer or non-gamer. Even some of the non-Christian do think that XBox 360 is stupid and childish and adults should not waste their time playing.