Monday, January 24, 2011

Reading Ghouls: Fatal Addiction and enjoying it

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction is sourcebook for Vampire: the Masquerade. I haven't read it yet, but doing well and enjoying it. It is really well written. In the beginning there are cool chapters what mix game information and fiction. You could easily sum up what I have read in smaller space, but still what is great about White Wolf World of Darkness books is that they really do give that feel that you aren't only reading rules and game background, but also short stories.

Core rules of Vampire: the Masquerade do give basic information about ghouls but this book gives more insight for them. Also it introduces ghouls as playable characters with different families what are similiar to kindred clans.

One noteworthy thing is the art. Two artist, really awesome artwork with that old World of Darkness/Vampire feel. Not that realistic artwork but really, really pleasant.

This is a book I enjoy reading. Well written, great source material, cool artwork. If you are Vampire: the Masquerade player, I recommend this book for you. This makes ghouls so much more than just vampire's personal and loyal (even dangerously loyal) retainers.

So, buy it, enjoy it. For personal horror ghouls are great playable characters.

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