Friday, January 7, 2011

Unreal Tournament in D&D

Unreal Tournament, futuristic sports game with guns, shooting and action. But what if there was Unreal Tournament in Dungeons & Dragons?

Unreal Tournament is First-person-shooter what is like futuristic sport with guns. There are different types of matches with different winning conditions but they all rely on more or less on shooting and killing.

You could also describe Unreal Tournament as a modern glariator type game slash sports.

So, Unreal Tournament would be quite possible in realms of D&D, just take those big guns away and use melee weapons, ranged weapons and spells instead. Respawn is handled by wizards with resurrection spells. So, there you have, most dangerous and entertaining sport in Dungeons & Dragons!


Unreal Tournament arenas are scattered around the realm (of your choise). There are several of them, each of them with different theme in decoration and landscape. Static teleport spells are also used for attendants to move around, as other special spells and devices to make the match more interesting.

Weapons are scattered throughout the arena, and of course more powerful the weapon or item is, more difficult it is to reach. There are also special wands with shooting effects what limited charges as special amulets for temperary powers (ie. amulet of speed, amulet of invulnerability).

Arenas are designed the way, once you enter it, you cannot leave it untill the match is over.

There are several druid controlled birds (usually crows) that fallow the match above and flying in the arena projecting what they see in the mirrors of the seer. These mirrors are used to follow the action and match in arena. Also some wizards use their own chrystal balls and seer's abilities to follow the match.


Competitors come from various classes and races. They must pay entering fee, but most popular of them have sponsors which handle the fee for them. In some cases also slaves could be used as combatants, but usually those who take part in Unreal Tournament do it willingfully.

Some special matches might need some specific statistics, like enough winnings to join. Those are usually most interesting events, as only the most skillfull combatants take part in these.

Magic is allowed, if you can use it. Those combatants who prefer melee or ranged weapons are supplied with starting equipment based on arena and event. More powerful and different weapons are found through the arena though.

Annual Unreal Tournament Champion

Every year best Unreal Tournament combatant get's a trophy along with honor and treasures. It is highly pursued, but hard to gain. Combatant must be the leader of statistics with most points. Points are gathered from individual matches. What ever matches rules are, winner of the match gets 10 frags, second 8, third 6 and so on. Every attendant gets atleast one frag for taking part in an event.
Next season all previous season's points are erased and the new season starts from the beginning.


Depending on match type, there are wizards who resurrect dead combatants. Some matches are time limited and most kills wins, when a single individual can be resurrected unlimited times. In last man standing no one is resurrected and the winner is the last one alive.
After every Unreal Tournament match all combatants are revived and magically healed. This is not like ordinary gladiator fights where you fight for your lie, but a sport where dying is only ment to be for points, not permanent death.

Tournament Event Types

There are several matches, with different winning conditions. Points are called frags, what are cumulative in each tournament for total frags for the end of the season, but are count individually on every event to determine single even't winner.

Deathmatch: You get frags from every kill. Time limited in which the winner is the one who gets most frags (kills) in a certain time or who first gets certain amount of frags wins.
Team Deathmatch: Similar to deathmatch, but only team versus team where all frags from a team are count together to meet the winning conditions. Teams are usually red and blue and team members use armor and gear of his team's color. There are Unreal Tournament clans, what fight as teams against others or at the beginning teams are determined randomly from those who join the event.
Caputre The Flag: Also team based event, where both teams have flag of their own color and in their "starting base" a pedestal where enemy flag is ment to deliver for frags. Pedestal is also a teleport, what teleports enemy flag back to it's place to be obtained again. If flag bearer is killed, flag must be touched by own team member to teleport it back to it's starting place.
This can be also time limited or frag limited match.
Domination: In the arena there are usually three control points, what must be occupied and protected with the team. More points a team dominates simulateously, faster the frags are gained. Time limited or frag limited.
Last Man Standing: In this match no resurrections are used. Winner of the round is the one last alive gaining one frag for the match. First to get enough frags is the winner of the event.
Assault: In the arena there is a base. Another team is defending it and another attacing. In time limit there are various different quests to do designed in the arena. These are worth of most of the frags. Also killings are count to frags. After a round roles are switched but frags stay. Team which collects most frags doing quests and killing other team's members wins this event.


IntrepidOtaku said...

You could run this soooo easily using the Amethyst Campaign setting, which has both magic and traditional D&D as well as all manner of firearms, high tech goodies, and even power armor. You could do it perfectly. You should check that campaign setting out. I have my full official review of the game coming out this Saturday, but I have done several posts on my blog about it already.

Unknown said...

Hi Shinobicrow, I'll check out that Amethyst Campaign setting. Where can I find this official review?

Anonymous said...

Go to Goodman Games' official page for Amethyst. It has links for all of Amethyst's reviews, including the one mentioned above...