Saturday, January 8, 2011

[V:tM] Let there be some color in my game

In every single Vampire: the Masquerade campaign I have ever ST'd there's allways been atleast one Malkavian. I love them. They are absolutely fantastic characters. They might be wise, bat-shit insane, strange, dangerous, just odd, insightful, not Malkavian-ish at all... anything.

I know, that there's allways danger to make this whacky fish-malk character (troll in interwebz language if you will) but even they could be fun for a moment. And if Malkavian is really bat-shit insane, unpredictable, dangerous, doesn't follow rules or Traditions there is no reason why he wouldn't be punished. Or even condemned with traditional punishments.

And Sabbat Malkavians? Huh, you don't even want to talk about them.

So, I have launched V:tM campaign focusing on Nosferatu and Brujah politics in dual-prince (Bru + Nos princes) city. It's good, yes. I didn't want to make city too much all clans represented type, but to focus on few clans.

Last campaign was with same setting, character and NPC's. No single Malkavian then. Yesterday was our fifth sessions, still no Malkavians. But today, I think I'll introduce one.

The last prince died in a bit unclear circumstances (termite destroyed Elysium), so now in this sequel chronicle Camarilla has sent someone to observe the city. And that observer will be Malkavian. Obviously, no one will know his clan.

And the funny part is, that this Malkavian observer of low generation has an assistant with him. The joke is, that those are the same person.

Haven't yet written that NPC. I think I'll first play him this one session before write him down. To work with the character concept in real time before making decisions.

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