Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Missing some of my old rpg's

Today I don't usually sell rpg's. Well, I did sell some of my nWoD books, but I didn't like them and I replaced them with equivalent from oWoD line (ie. sold H:tV, got H:tR. Sold M:tAw, got M:tAs).

But I have sold some rpg's what I now regret. I do collect games. I am not compulsive buyer, but if I see a good second hand deal, I most likely take it even though I know I wouldn't ever play that game. Some of the games I have sold before and I miss, are:

2300 AD (Tie Tähtiin 2300 AD in finnish

I liked 2300 AD alot. Finnish version had some serious game crippling typing errors, so some parts of the game remained puzzle how the rules worked. Still, it was fun game. I liked the world and had several really awesome adventures in it.
I also had several sourcebooks for the game, what were pretty cool.

I don't remember who to I sold this game or why, but darn it was a big mistake. I don't know would I play 2300 AD if I had it. Most likely not, but still I'd like to own it and read it again to see what was so great about it back then when I was 12 to 15 years old.


I did play GURPS 3rd edition (my wild quess). Alot. Today I am not that exited about it anymore. The rules are a bit too complex for me but the sourcebooks are great. I have bought few sourcebooks for GURPS even if I don't own the game anymore. Some of them are just that good.
I do miss more my GURPS sourcebooks than core book, even though every rpg collection should have some version of GURPS. I think that GURPS is common knowledge about roleplaying games and gaming.


Today, rare. I have tried to hunt finnish version with great translation with no result. Why, oh why did I sell it? Cuberpunk is awesome kick-ass game and setting (well, it was when I was 14-15) and the finnish version today is extra rare to get anywhere. It looks cool and has attitude. I want it back.
I would be good with english version also. I only got CPv3 at the moment, and it sucks so much that it's beyond describing. It sucks that bad, I have never ever even read it. That's alot of sucking.


Yet another legendary game with cyberpunk and fantasy as setting. Where is it? Where is my finnish copy of SW? Only Slaanesh knows. Shadowrun is not that interesting that I would buy it right away though, but if I got a nice deal with some sourcebooks, why not. Yeah, core book with few sourcebooks would look nice on my shelf.

There are few other games I have had but then for some unknown idiotic reason have got rid of, but these three (well, four if you count Shadowrun in) are the ones I'd like to get back. I don't know would I play them today anymore, but heck, those are some of the games I played when younger and they have special memories attatched to my rpg hobby.

Maybe some day I'll get them back.

Do you have some games you've enjoyed in the past but for some reason don't own them anymore? What games, and why did you sell or get rid of them?

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