Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changes on Cradle of Rabies blog

If this is not your first time visiting here, and you remember this blog, you immediately noticed that colors are changed. I like dark and black, but for my opinion last template with black backgrounds, white texts and red headers was a bit too heavy to read. And as everyone knows, light colors make the effect of more room.

I think, that this more white template and color setting blog doesn't look so stuffy anymore.

Also you see the header. Originally it was a huge wall of tl;dr manifest about what roleplaying games and -gaming is. I think, that people who visit here already know what roleplaying games are and roleplaying is, so I deleted it and added simple welcome note.

Also, I had 7 posts visible at the site what was too much. Decreased it to 3. Not so darn long page anymore and more clear on blog texts.

I had some Google Advertisement also for some reason, but hated it. Made changes to it. In some posts I will still Include link about the product in question. Easy to find legal picture (and hoping that someone will order the product from that link -> profit).

One thing I have always hated was my Labels. I cannot find a good labeling system what I find good. So, again... new labeling and this I find pretty good.

New labels are at the moment (new will follow same formula):


Anonymous said...

Kyllä toi yläpalkki sais edelleen olla kapeempi. Otsikko ja sitte heti asiaan.

Unknown said...

Otetaan harkintaan... Ajattelin vain, kun on monta blogia (lähinnä OSR) mitkä keskittyvät yhteen asiaan, kun omani pomppii laidasta laitaan ihan yleisiä ajatuksiani ja lähinnä roolipeleistä "high lightissä" on se, mitä sillä hetkellä pelaan.