Friday, June 17, 2011

5 games from my collection I really want to play

I have several games I have never played nor read fully. I like games, they look good on my shelf. More is better. I like to shuffle them. But I don't have time to play or read all I want. That's why we made an arrangement with my player. Every second game we play is something different we don't usually play.

Our main games basically are Vampire: the Masquerade and Fading Suns. Vampire: the Masquerade because we play it the most and Fading Suns because longest campaigns are played with that system and setting. There's been other games which have been played more or less frequently, but V:tM and FS stick up pretty good from the pile.

So, I got those neat games and now I got great motivation to read and play them. Next after this V:tM campaign will be Mutants & Masterminds, so I leave it out of this list.

5 Games From My Collection I Really, Really Wan't To Play (GM)

  1. Even though Vornheim: the Complete City Kit (buy it here NOW) isn't a stand alone RPG but a sourcebook I'd like to play it. I'd like to create whole campaign or adventure using basics of it. Create a city with it and let player play there. Vornheim is great, it is atypical fantasy with eerie feeling and strangeness in it. Only problem is, that I am not happy about the idea using D&D3 nor AD&D2 to run it, but still I'd like to run it with D&D type rules. I got one OD&D clone I found pretty interesting (not OSRIC) but don't remember its name and with quick Google couldn't find it. I hope I have it saved in some of my hard-drives or memory stics. That could be the system to run Vornheim campaign.
  2. My Life With Master. I see very well how the master would be Tzimisce (vampire clan) and player would be his ghoul minion. I see it so well, that I want to play it. Another set could be like Jigsaw and Amanda scenario. Especially in Saw 3 where Amanda in the end... well, watch the movie. As I play Vampire a lot, Tzimisce ghoul setting wouldn't be that new so I'd stick with Jigsaw Amanda type. Yes, I want to play My Life With Master like that. Sounds pretty awesome, gruesome and tragical.
  3. Unknown Armies. I have heard lots of good about this game but I am not sure about what it is like at all. There is magic what works neatly. And then there are some secret societies I recon. And stuff. No idea what player character would do or anything. But I guess it's a cool game, because I do like horror. But second here with Unknown Armies is Kult. The setting is the bomb! Maybe if I combined Unknown Armies with Kult? Has anyone done it? Yes, that sounds great. Kult's setting added to Unknown Armies and UA system what isn't that bad at all. I think that Unknown Kult would be kick-ass.
  4. Pendragon. I like the saga and generation model of this game. It would be awesome to speed up the game a little bit to see player's characters line to go further where player actually isn't playing a single character but actually continuum (can I use that word here?) of a family line. I can see how that would be epic and I can see how tragedy would fit it. It would be great, sad, beautiful chronicle. Or at least I wish it would be.
  5. This is hard and somehow I see these games as a couple as I received them at the same time. They are totally different, but I see them as a pack (thank you Juhana Petterson. About Ikuisuuden laakso in Finnish). Anyways, Ikuisuuden Laakso is this RPG about penguins. Actually about drama, being outsider in your own community etc. It might work best as a one-shot or short campaign and I think that drama is the key in that game. Even though the game is about penguins it is actually way more deep than that. Itran Kaupunki (originally Norwegian game but translated into finnish) is this surrealistic strange city with all dream kinds of elements. It is really weird but fascinating setting. It is a great read but frankly that kind of games I am not sure what is supposed to happen in them. I guess in that way I am more traditional. But drinking wine and painting the surrealistic city, characters, events... that would be... surreal. So fifth place is divided among these two, because they arrived in the same wrapper (makes sense? No?)
Those are currently my top 5 games I'd really like to play. (Actually top 6 because fifth game is actually two really different and separate games, but no one notices that small thingie there).

Will I play them? I hope so.


Lowell Francis said...

Unknown Armies has a lot of room to fuse those ideas with any other modern horror game. The concept of how that magic works for example, could be just one approach casters take. The characters of the Statosphere and various other organizations could easily be transported over to another game. Worth taking a look at.

Unknown said...

@Lowell Francis: I have read it here and there randomly and read few reviews. But for some reason the Thing in that game doesn't open up. I just have to check it out more carefully that is.