Friday, June 17, 2011

Games I have plans for

First game I have plans for is obviously Mutants & Masterminds. I just blogged about it, so won't do it again. Read HERE more about it.

We started to play All Flesh Must Be Eaten but didn't go further than three sessions. Actually in third session the action really just began. For some reason at that time my player wasn't that interested for AFMBE so we put it in the freezer. I really have plans for that campaign and I know how it would go and what is the ending (of course the end depends on character... if she gets that far). I wish we will continue it some day, because I have a feeling it is great.
You can find three first sessions at my ~Kronikat~ blog* here:
In Finnish:
With Google Translate into English (Google Translate Fin to Eng is wonky):

I also have some plans for My Life With Master. Originally I though that it would be a vampire ghoul relationship but after re-watching Saw movies I thought Jigsaw Amanda situation would be better. I did cover this also in my last post here.

One game I already have adventure in my mind is Call of Cthulhu set in 20's. I know details and how it will go, but haven't written it down. Character is already made. Point is, that character is an astronomer or something (cannot remember details, but she deals with stars somehow) and one night she finds this weird planet. Without internet whole world cannot know about it immediately. This planet is one evil monstrosity from Yer Booke of Monsters sourcebook. The planet kinda thingie. And what happens in the end? Mental asylum here I come! This is what I want to be Call of Cthulhu where character actually goes nuts. That is one main quality in CoC games and I will abuse it.

Maybe these will be the games I will run next in some kind of order. At least I want to finish All Flesh Must Be Eaten BBQ From Hell and play Call of Cthulhu Bad Moon Rising.


Lowell Francis said...

Was the AFMBE a question of the system or the setting?

Unknown said...

@Lowell Francis: Player doesn't like zombies that much. Key problem I think.