Thursday, July 7, 2011

So hot!

How I experience summer heat should be also noticed on roleplaying games. For me +25C is too much. I like temperature to be around +20C in the summer. This summers best this far has been +33C when I almost literally melted. Today has been quite bad - +30C last time I checked.

So, what's the problem? I mean, last winter it was few weeks around and over -30C and generally few months over -20C. Ok, I don't like that cold, but if I had to choose which end of that 60C yearly temperature difference I'd prefer the most, I'd go with the lower end I guess.

ANYWAYS, there is a point here. I don't like heat and I don't function well. Don't like to work, basically suffer all the time, don't want to do anything. I just feel uncomfortable and it sucks.

Based on me, I naturally as a nerd started to think how my attitude problem towards heat would work in roleplaying games. And here's how:

HAVE OF HEAT (disadvantage, flaw, or similar)

Level 1. Easiest for character, less valuable for extra character points. When temperature is above +30C and there are on cooling available (ice cold beverage, cooling fan, possibility to strip etc.) character suffers mediocre negative modifies to his actions.

Level 2. Mediocre for character, mediocre value for extra character points. Same as above but also temperature above +25C already gives minor negative modifiers to actions without cooling.

Level 3. Hard for character, high value of extra character creation points. Temperature above +20C gives medium penalties for actions unless cooling is available. +25C gives high penalties for actions unless cooking is available. Over temperature +30C high penalties apply to actions and cooling doesn't provide any help. Character just cannot stand that hot at all.


I hope this works. If I recall this is my first time blogging from mobile phone. Let's hope it works!


Unknown said...

Oh it works! I noticed few typos there though. Darn automatic text. Unfortunately I am too lazy to fix it now. But "have of heat" should read "hate of heat".

Davis Chenault said...

LOL - I would to. I suggest hooking up a heater in the game room and send the temperature soaring. Also, drop a humidifier in there and bring the humidity up to 60-70%. Should work to convey the difficulty in laboring in oppressive heat.

I would not suggest gaming in that environment. Just skip that game night andhead out for a beer or two.


Unknown said...

Game must happen! Cooling fans must sing their chant! Beverage must be cold!