Thursday, July 28, 2011

Few adventures and stories I've GMed and played in a nutshell

One night I was remembering all games I've been involved and there are like hundreds of them. Some I don't remember at all, some distantly and some really clearly. Here I will write some of games I have been in. Not that detailed descriptions but just short overviews.

Games I have Gamemastered

Vampire: The Masquerade - Night Speed Children
Chronicle about Toreador who wanted more. Game was about gaining respect from other clans as a Toreador proving to be something else than just an emotional and fragile artist. Also contained a lot of tuning cars. Character clashed with Sabbat what wanted him to join them.

Vampire: The Masquerade - After Sunset
Nosferatus and Brujah aren't pleased with Ventrue leadership and decide to start a revolution. Character and his sire finds out that Ventrue prince is not actually part of Camarilla or Ventrue at all. Brujah and Nosferatu team up to destroy the Ventrue administration of the city.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Before Dawn
Second part for After Sunset where fake Ventrue prince is destroyed and into city arrives a person who claims to be an investigator from Camarilla to find out what happened to Ventrue prince. But investigator is something else that he claims to be. Rogue Nosferatu who roams lands to destroy older vampires to gain power in goal to prevent Gehenna and wants player character to join his dark quest of murder.

Vampire: The Dark Ages - Eternal Autumn
Character's husband is murdered because they couldn't afford paying taxes and saint who is a legend embraces her to be a vampire. Character is introduced to vampire society and taken away from his miserable and poor peasant human life.

Praedor - Rings Of Summoning
Characters parents are murdered and she soon finds out that evil cultists are after rings of summoning and after her as she is more powerful than she actually knows. The quest begins where character tries to find the rings before evil cultists but accidentally she summons evil which she must now fight. But evil is not always as evil as is thought.

Fading Suns - Lost In Space
After quick escape from planet's authority something goes wrong entering Jump Gate and the crew gets lost in different dimension. Or that they think. Actually they got into the future and now they must get back to their own time escaping revengeful military captain who's space station they blew up. They get into different times before they get back home.

2300AD - Space Bacteria
Doctor with high reputation finds out about strange virus from space traveler. The virus seems to grow fast and has shared conscience and intelligence. He must stop the virus by traveling to that distant moon where the virus is evolved to a monster and it's only goal is to infect universe and grow big.

I ran out of time, so cannot post more at the moment, but maybe some day I will introduce few of the past games I've ran.

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