Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frelling in Fading Suns

I am currently editing and blogging my Fading Suns campaign's game sessions to my campaigns blog (you can find it here in Finnish, but google translate can give you a hint what's going on). When saving sessions to blog I found that we use a lot of word "frell" when playing characters. Some of you know that frell is word from tv series Farscape and it is basically an space equivalent for F-bomb.

Usually characters in my games don't curse that much if it doesn't suit for character or NPC concept. People speak quite strictly in that manner. But in Farscape word frell was used quite frequently and I think it suits it. Everyone knows what it means and how it is used, but somehow it doesn't sound as vulgar as dropping F-bombs. I also like Farscape a lot and maybe got an idea from here and there to my campaign. Actually, after watching four seasons of Farscape I got urge to play Fading Suns.

So, we took word frell from Farscape and made it into Fading Suns lexacon, and now we had people frelling!

"What the frell was that?"
"Let's get the frell out of here!"
"This frelling machine doesn't work."

It sounds scifi and for some reason gives more depth in situations of distress or frustration. And it's fun and safe to use. Even though frell is just another science fiction space word for f*** it is not that bad.

Also another word we used was "dren", what is equivalent for s**t. Not as much as frell, but some times. When reading campaign session save games, using both of these words every now and then in a situation you would say f**k or s**t but instead characters say frell or dren, it gives a nice extra touch for the game. There have popped also few other words, but not often enough to mention.

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John Higgins said...

I touched on the topic of Farscapey swears on my own gaming blog. ;-)