Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cradle of Rabies' year 2012

I am a little late with new year. Well, obviously my year turned the same time as everybody else's but in this blog. I am not a fortune teller, but here are few ideas what year 2012 of this blog and my roleplaying could be.

Vampire: the Masquerade Chronicle

Chronicle is at its final. Last weekend it was 99th gaming session and I try to wrap it next Friday with session number 100. Quite a lot has happened involving prince cameo in different identity bugging city and most of all main Character Amanda. Nosferatu Amanda and city's clan Brujah are allies and Amanda is not so sure about how she feels about clan Nosferatu. She is from unique bloodline family D'arc who are different. Also werewolven were included heavily.
When this chronicle is over I will write an overview of it.

Opening Mutants & Masterminds

I have owned this game for some time but haven't played it. Still reading it but reviewed half of the book. So other half needs review and after reading it and after the Vampire chronicle it will be played. Style will be something like movies Spirit and Sin City maybe with some Gotham City influence. Planning not to run a mega long campaign but shorter to get my hands on other new for me games. If I can end Vampire chronicle this Friday Saturday will be M&M.

Call Of Cthulhu Is Fun

Call of Cthulhu I have had so much fun playing. With this player only two games though but both were success. I have idea for my next 20s CoC game what I want to run this year. It will also be shorther game thus easier to run and get time for.

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Grindhouse Edition

Haven't completed reading it yet but this seems to be the OSR fantasy game for me. I most definately want to run it! And somehow I feel that it will be the game I want to write my own material to. Looking forward to use this for both gaming and writing.

Reviews And Interviews To Blog And Forum

Reviews are fun to write but take time. I want to do more reviews and if I find interesting people from roleplaying scene (well, there are plenty of interesting people but different thing is to find time to interview them) I will do them. Already did two reviews for Sami and Ville what was fun.

Movies Give Me Inspiration And I Blog About It

I watch a lot of movies before closing my eyes in bed and almost every movie gives me some kind of inspiration. I will quick review movies from the point of view of roleplayer. Problem is I watch a lot of movies so I might wrap several movies into one blog post at a time. That saves space and also I can focus more on roleplayer's view than ranting about the movie itself.

Computer Games Move

I am a gamer. Not only roleplaying gamer but also computer and video games gamer. That's why I put up another blog I can focus on video games so I don't have to think how I can melt them here.

New Games?

If I find games in good price, I'll get them. I love collecting games and gaming material even if I wouldn't ever use them. They are neat in my shelf and the anticipation to wait the product and then shuffle it through is awesome feeling. So, trying to collect at least few pieces this year. Maybe I even find something worth to try out or even new favourites, who knows. There are few games on my must have list, but let's see if I get them in a decent price.

Nothing extraordinary or new plans actually. Or any bigger changes. I wish I found time to blog more than last year. The end of the year was so hectic at work I didn't have time or energy writing this blog. I hope work loosens a bit so I can focus on more important things - hobbies.

Also maybe I advance writing my own gaming system YDIN. But that's another topic.

Any ways. Great and successful new year for every gamer, blog reader, blog writer, games writer and people who appreciate having fun!

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