Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Few words about every game I own

I own more games that I have played or even read. But what would be a better start for blogging in the beginning of a new year than going through my collection this far? You can find my collection here. This list is in alphabetical order.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Complete Psionics 2nd Edition - Not interested in it's psionic player value but it looks kinda neat. Brown with leathery feel. It's cool and it could be interesting if I'd be in AD&D. Some of the new age pictures make me faint.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide 2nd Edition - After not liking Player's Handbook I didn't dig too deep with this book either. Well, looks nice on my shelf though.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual - This is the Gygax version and I love it. It is a bit gonzo what is fun. But most valuable it is for me because it's history. I know that AD&D is not historically so big deal but for me it is. Love this book.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook 2nd Edition - I have tried. I have tried hard but no. I don't get it. Too complicated to be old school and it was too complicated when I was a kid. And layout, pictures... everything is horrible. But I like it in my shelf though.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Good rules and zombies. Awesome packet and for me this is the zombie roleplaying game every zombie enthusiast should own.

ANKH: Adventures of the North Kalevala Heroes - It was used to be a boxed set with dice and three booklets but now it's just a ruined set of booklets. My first own roleplaying game I used to make my own source material a lot. Special place at heart kinda game. I wish I had a copy in better shape.

A World of Darkness Second Edition - Nice overview of WoD mostly focused on Vampires. Not necessary though.

Axis Mundi: A Book Of Spirits - Both Mage and Werewolf players can use this as well. There are two problems for me. Most of the book is lists about stuff and number what is dull. And I am not interested in WoD spirit world.

Barsaive At War - Not a fan of pre-written adventures or campaigns so this one isn't interesting at all. Maybe if game was in my top 5 but it isn't.

Blue Rose - Ran a game but never finished it. This fantasy world just is not for me. Too... pink in color. And too generic to be intersting at all. Disappointment.

Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition - Classic horror roleplaying game. There are so many varities you can use this from crazy cultist horror to detective work.

Changeling: the Lost - One exception in new WoD books is this. This is beautiful yet tragic and dark. If I had original The Dreaming I possibly could say that this is better.

Children Of The Night - Hundreds of NPC's for Vampire. I like original characters made by me so this is useless. Although it is interesting to read what kind of characters there could be. Also really neat little rule in statting older vampires.

Clanbook: Nosferatu - For Masquerade a small booklet, cool cover, cool content. Made playing Nosferatu's more fun.

Code X Rulebook - From Finnish Burger Games this is a free game (you can find it downloadable from Burger Games website). Focus of the game is computer game based action from games like Half-Life and Resident Evil.

Cyberpunk V.3 - I wanted to buy Cyberpunk. I had to choose between 2020 and V.3. Oh why did I choose wrong! I like the foreword and an idea of fast to get to play but it's not executed right here. And character types... not interesting at all.

Dead Frost Doom - I don't play this kind of adventures, but what I've heard and read about DFD is awesome. So had to get it to my collection. And it was cheap also.

Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting - WotC version. Got this because in my opinion one of the most basic D&D settings is FR. Unfortunately how can a rpg book be this dull? Boring.

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide 3rd Edition - I felt that starting D&D only reading Player's Hanbook is enough. Well it was to know the rules and I like rules more simply so never actually read this that much.

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook 3rd Edition - Actually first D&D game I really played. Not tested but played. It was fun, it looks cool-in-a-fantasy-rpg style. And all three core books cost only 10 EUR! What a bargain.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual 3rd Edition - Lots of great pictures to look at but unfortunately descriptions are a bit lame.

Earthdawn - I have owned this for ages but am not sure have I ever played or gamemastered this. Interesting but for some reason not interesting enough to consider putting my time for it.

Elhendi Fantasiaroolipeli - Older Finnish roleplaying game with heavy elven theme. Have had few fun gaming sessions with this but it's not particularly remarkable game. Nice historical addition to my collection though.

Etherscope: Just A Delivery - Introduction adventure which was so cheap I just added it in my shopping cart without even knowing what it is. Maybe a good introduction adventure but nothing special or worth to run it with some other system as I don't own other Etherscope products. Etherscope itself seems to be quite interesting though.

Fading Suns - My favourite science fiction rpg. There are so many varieties you can build your campaign to focus. Great mash-up of middle ages to strange space species. Love it.

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction - Great sourcebook for Vampire about... well ghouls. Deepens both information and feel about these servants and makes them interesting playable character option. Using ghouls in my games will never be the same (read: lame).

GURPS Cabal - Don't remember why I got this. Sale maybe? Anyways the product is high value for your underground conspiracy supernatural game and I like the fact you can easily adapt it for other games. Lots of fluff, not so many numbers.

GURPS Monsters - I like monsters and I like to read about them. That's why I got this and I like it. There are original, crypto, legend etc. what makes me want to dig deeper in internet for information.

GURPS WWII Iron Cross - Another cheap addition to my shopping cart. And even though I don't know much about WWII it is interesting. Particularly things be related to Finland.

GURPS WWII Return to Honor - Even cheaper than GURPS WWII Iron Cross, but also smaller. Useless for me. Not much information but more troop types and stats. And France is not interesting at all. Got it because it was cheap.

HARP - Bundled purchase. I wanted it because it is softer introduction to legendary Rolemaster.

Hunter: the Reckoning - Was already disappointed with new WoD line. Sold Vigil got this. It's ugly orange on my shelf but I love it. It's WW game.

Ikuisuuden Laakso - Finnish indie game about penguins but it is much deeper than just animals jumpin' around. Deep philosophy and tragic atmosphere. I got this for reading the file pre-release.

Itran Kaupunki - Surrealistic roleplaying game. I like the setting but non gamish indie/forge/whatever rules I don't like. Got this with Ikuisuuden Laakso. Worth to read.

King Arthur Pendragon 4th Edition - Not much to say about this but I like how fantasy is more historical and romantic in this game without all strange races and magic. Also how bloodlines are important is interesting.

Kult - Oh love the setting. Most exciting, thrilling and gruesomely insane horror setting I know. Love the book. Unfortinately it looks like it's been to Metropolis! One third of the pages are loose. I like sometimes to use Kult stuff in other games. Just to surprise player.

Kätyrin Osa - Finnish translation from My Life With Master including some additional information from Finnish editor to clear the game further. I am not that familiar with this kind of games but the theme and simple mechanics are solid gold.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse Edition - I feel that this will be my number one choice of OSR and D&D styled fantasy adventure game. And weird horror theme helps it a lot. And it's a neat boxed set. Perfect product.

Lancea Sanctum - Too long didn't read. Problem with new WoD books is that they are so thick compared to old WoD books. And as I am not planning to play Requiem any time soon reading this would be a waste of time. Looks cool though.

Legions of Darkness - Source book for Kult. It's great read and I have read it several times.

Litany of the Tribes Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 - Yey, several tribes in one cover! Not sure if I like this concept or not. I bet that one book is not enough because all players' character tribes are in different books anyways. Easier for logistics though. And bonus is that I have all the core tribes now.

Loitsumestari - Loitsumestari is Rolemaster book of spells (what's it called) translated to Finnish. Lots and lots of spells. I don't own other Rolemaster products (does H.A.R.P. count?) and got this from one random deal.

Mage: the Ascension 2nd Edition - Awakening was a disappointment so I sold it and bought this. Haven't read but darn how good a White Wolf rpg can look! Something in this is just plain awesome.

Metropolis Sourcebook - Not best in detailing Metropolis but a must have tool for Kult GMs. Also includes dozens of adventure seeds.

Mobsters - Burger Games free product about gangsters. 64 pages small booklet with a neat idea.

Monkeywrench: Pentex - Awesome little book full of handouts and other fluff to be bad company for Werewolf. Fun to read.

Mutants & Masterminds - My first and only superhero roleplaying game and I feel this is the one I will use for now. I really like the character creation what gives so many options and varieties.

Myrskyn Aika - Finnish fantasy games what has rules both for tabletop and LARP games. Quite generic low-fantasy setting. Well written which is interesting but not sure if it is interesting for me to play.

Ordo Dracul - One of Requiem sects (what they were called) what is really interesting. I have read it here and there but it's not at awesome as it should be. Don't like new WoD writing style, or layout. Or something there is wrong. But I can say I like this.

Path Of Deception - Adventure campaign for Earthdawn. Not a big fan of ready written commercial adventures I have never read this one.

Praedor - Tough fantasy game about adventurers and mercenary who defy the dangers of lost cities. Also includes really cool world with different playing options like noble disputes. One of my favorite fantasy games.

Project Twilight - Basically for Hunter, Werewolf... or even independent game. It seems to be interesting, haven't read though. I like the fact how thin it is compared to core books and the fact about independent option. You add those, quicker WoD agent Mulder game?

Spooky: The Definite Guide To Horror Gaming - Horror is my favorite genre so this was an obvious purchase to make.

STALKER - Game inspired by the book. Areas with strange anomalies and wanted artifacts are the key features not forgetting the society of future world.

Star Wars SAGA Edition - Not a big fan of SW (4-6 movies are good though) but had to get this. It looks neat but I am not that sure how D20 works. Well, perfect coffee table book.

Stormbringer - Finnish translation. Enough fantasy but also enough different fantasy. Background is way much more interesting than playing it. Unless you got to play a cool character like Melnibonean.

Swords & Sorcery: Ravenloft Campaign Setting - Gothic horror, vampires, werewolven. Add D&D-ish fantasy. If I ever had played this this could be one of my favourite D&D campaign. Looking forward possibly using this with LotFP.

Taiga - Finnish road warrior type game heavily reminding me of Mad Max. Really neat concept.

The Invictus - My third and last sect (whatisitreally) book. Hm, don't have any thoughts about it. It's there making my collection one book thicker. Good enough.

The Lord Of The Rings Roleplaying Game - Decipher game studio game. Got it in a bunch. Not interested at all and for some reason crappy screenshots from movies are a turn off.

The Player's Guide To The Sabbat - Changed the way I see Sabbat in my Vampire games. Although the information is not perfect and many questions and aspect unanswered it's good basic guide.

The Smoke 1867 - Sourcebook about London for Victoriana rpg. Don't own core book but heard this is good source for other gaslight games if you forget the fantasy aspect.

The Werewolf Player's Guide - Haven't read but I hope it explains playing werewolf more than making a furry tank what kills and trashes stuff.

Tähti - Teenage mutant girl band! Kawaii. Layout is a bit like a magazine and it's cool. Only the topic can be hard to swallow. Party game why not. Serious campaign? If your mind is set right. Not bad product at all.  Freebie ordering one rpg magazine.

Umbra: The Velvet Shadow - What is this? Umbra? Some Werewolf spirit stuff? Pass.

Unknown Armies - Haven't played nor read except random shuffling the book. Wanted it because it is horror and also heard so much good about the game.

Vampire: the Dark Ages - Book looks cool, it's interesting and also fun to play.

Vampire: the Masquerade Revised - You been here before? Then you know. New to here? This is my favorite.

Vampire: the Requiem - Always wanted to know and feel what this new Requiem is like compared to Masquerade. But it looks so boring that I have never read it. Glad I own it though.

Vornheim: Complete City Kit - Reader of Zak's blog and liker of his adventure ideas and materials this was a must buy. It looks neat, it reads neat and it inspires well.

Ways of the Wolf - How can werewolf be more beast? Being like a wolf. Haven't read but really interesting. Not sure how interesting it would play this type of Werewolf character though.

Werewolf Chronicles: Volume 1 - Yey, chronicle what I usually don't like as I like original adventures. Still, might be interesting to see how one Werewolf chronicle goes. For learning purpose only.

Werewolf: Storyteller's Handbook - Before running Apocalypse this is my number one in reading list.

Werewolf: the Dark Ages - Unfortunately I don't have a single idea what this is like. But if it's anything near to Vampire Dark Ages it's awesome. Bonus for not having to read rules that much.

Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd Edition - I liked the starting chronicle with Forsaken, but didn't like Forsaken. So had to buy this one. Still waiting to be played but I am pleased with it.

Werewolf: the Forsaken - I had fun with this. Book looks really great. But it is dull to read and I am not a fan of the new WoD. Great on bookshelf where it should stay.

World of Darkness Rulebook - Actually printed PDF. Not that bad at all, but instead of repeat things dozens of times in same chapter and using filling words rules could be in more efficient way. No one is interested in this or wants to read this. This is used to play other games.

World of Darkness Slasher - This is intresting. Looks cool, is interesting read and I am seriously planning to use this some day. Maybe let character to catch a flasher or character to be a slasher. I like it as a horror fan and it's a good book anyways.

Ye Booke of Monstres - Sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu giving you a bunch of creatures and monsters from various authors. Not that great as it lacks detailed description but there are few interesting monsters to use or build your campaign around.

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