Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[LotFP] Foul Lord

Foul Lord

Good looks and wealth is not always enough. Femel Farragan had it all. But he wanted more. He had power over people in his area but he wanted more power. He wanted to be immortal and feared.

In his late 30's he started to learn magick but he knew he was too old to be a powerful wizard anymore. It takes years of study and he knew he would die of old age before he was strong enough for his desire.

That time he made a pack with a demon. Demon promised he would have powers beyond normal human and immortality. And he only needed to sacrifice his soul. Femel was not worried. Being immortal, he thought, his soul would be safe.

Demon granting powers in a short time affected his looks twisting his figure. Waist up he looks as he looked 300 years ago but his lower body was twisted into a horrific mutated lump.

The demon let him enjoy his powers for a  couple of decades but then decided that it is time to take his soul. Femel didn't want to die so he made a new agreement with this demon. Demon decided that with his immortality and powers Femel was worth of 100 souls every year in exchange for his soul. Femel agreed.

Femel must ritually kill 100 people in every year to maintain his immortality and powers.

Foul Lord Femel's stats are as 15th level wizard with AC of 18.

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