Thursday, May 24, 2012

[OSR/D&D/Fantasy] Finder's keeper - table for chest

Sometimes when travelling roads your party might find a chest fallen from a cart. But what is inside this chest?

Locked Or Not?

Roll d6 to see if chest is locked.
1 - No lock, easy to open
2 - No lock but stuck, needs to be forced to open (25% chest will break and cannot be used any more.)
3 - Really simple lock. Easy to lockpick with some tools.
4 - Normal lock. Lockpick as normal.
5 - Hard lock. Lockpicking is 50% harder than normally.
6 - Extremely complicated to lockpick. Other means than lockpicking is needed.

What's Inside

Roll d20 to see what is inside the chest.
1 - Small random items with no value
2 - 2d10 x 10 goldpieces
3 - Mummified familiar (roll randomly). Revived if sprinked with holy water and will follow who revived
4 - 2d6 portitions of random mushrooms (roll Random mushroom table to see what kind of mushrooms)
5 - 1d6 Healing potions healing 1d6 HP per potion. 25% change when drinking potion is poisoned and deals 1d6 damage instead
6 - Treasure map for dungeon/crypt/deserted castle or other similar location
7 - Denture with nametag of eminent person in area. Reward 1d10 x 100 goldpieces
8 - Fertilizers. Growth 200% faster
9 - Portable alchemist's laboratory
10 - Valuable and really fine clothing (50% for men or women)
11 - Skeletal remainings of a halfling
12 - 2d6 fake diamonds. Roll needed to notice (by rules or for example roll under INT with d20)
13 - Secondary crown of a king. Extremely valuable (1000 GP) but also extremely hard to sell. Also if someone finds out possibility to be in danger of being accused of royal thievery
14 - 1d6 random spell scrolls
15 - 2d6 illustrated children's books (worth 1d10 GP per book)
16 - Empty but with successful appropriate roll under fake base there is map to king's treasury
17 - Smellbomb triggers when opened. Save versus or CHA -10 for 2d6 hours. Also a diamond worth of 100 GP. It is smelly and extremely hard to sell
18 - Spare parts for some mechanical thing
19 - Ghost in a bottle
20 - Roll again two times.

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