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Hag jinx

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Old women, hags and witches even without magical spell power can be dangerous. Don't make them mad, or you might get a spell on you.

It varies when a witch becomes so irritated he wants to harm you because every one of them is an individual. But when they get irritated and jinx you, Referee rolls the following tables to see what kind of the evil curse is and how it can be cured. It is up to Referee how character finds out the method of dispelling the curse (hag/witch tells, cleric or other tells etc.). Jinx cannot be cured with spells or clerics or other common means.

First roll table 1 to see the jinx and then roll 2 for the cure.

Table 1: Jinxed - d20
1 - Throat of confusion. Voice randomly rises or lowers in funny ways. Charisma based rolls are 5 harder.
2 - Hair growth is fast. Without shaving and maintaining body hair every day twice loose 2 points of charisma.
3 - Bad luck. 50% change once per session in Referee's decision character fails (25% critically if rules allow that).
4 - Nightmare. After sleep roll appropriate save or suffer -3 to every roll made that day.
5 - Losing items. After every scene involving action 20% change to lose random item from inventory.
6 - Gluttony. Need twice normal amount of food, water, healing potions etc. than normal.
7 - Marks of the wolf. Character is not werewolf but he has classical marks of one. Be cautious near superstitious people.
8 - Thinner. Appropriate save is needed every week or loose 1 CON. Dead when con reaches 0.
9 - Lazy feet. When running 20% change legs don't work how they should and can't run.
10 - Out of place. When action starts 20% change not able to do anything for 1d6 turns other than staring at nowhere.
11 - Rat lover. Where ever you are rats find you and want your attention. Rats don't attack you but it can be annoying in the tavern and other public places.
12 - Rot. -5 to CHA for smelly mouth, falling hair, horrible skin condition etc. Not lethal but disgusting.
13 - Lazy eye. Ranged attacks suffer -5 penalty.
14 - Gassy. Occasionally character develops blisters what burst with horrible smell. When dealing with others 20% change to get -5 to CHA.
15 - Deep sleeper. Needs 2 hours more sleep or suffers -2 to all actions the next day.
16 - Mark of evil. Animals get nervous around character. No more dog pet or riding horses.
17 - Whispering. Character hears whispering of spirits of the creatures he has killed 20% change in action. Save roll needed to focus or suffer -5 penalty the rest of the scene.
18 - Vision of death. Witch shows detailed vision how character dies (Referee's decision). Make sure character thinks it will happen soon (even though it would never happen).
19 - Allergy. Character is unable to wear, use, touch etc. item Referee chooses (leather, potions, silver).
20 - Roll twice for two curses at once!

Table 2: Dispelling
1 - Must give hag great wealth (1d1000 GP or something).
2 - Must dring a mug of king's (or other high-status-hard-to-meet person) piss.
3 - Must kill the hag that teleports away right after the curse.
4 - Must dance around trees naked for 10 days in the row (resting and eating allowed).
5 - Must marry the hag who cursed him. Officially marry.
6 - Must give the hag his first-born (time to make a baby if doesn't already have one).
7 - Must bath in holy water blessed by virgin cleric of age 13 (holy water that quantity will be tough if playing LotFP).
8 - Must tell everyone (at least 200 people) how the hag is wise and great and character stupid fool.
9 - Must travel to a distant hard-to-reach place and bury a token hag gives.
10 - Must kill the hag and eat her eyeballs (or something else cross if you aren't into cannibalism in games).
11 - Must sacrifice his own hand for potion to cure the curse.
12 - Must not see the sun for 30 days.
13 - Must tell a lie of horrible consequences.
14 - Transformed into half frog half man and must convince a princess to kiss him to turn back (yuck for princess).
15 - Must put all most important belongings (spell books and scrolls, gold, equipment and weapons) into sacks and throw in deep lake and never get them back.
16 - God who answers. Details here.
17 - Brew your own potion of really yucky and possibly rare ingredients (how horrible Referee you want to be) and drink it.
18 - Help 10 witches/hags/crazy old women in trouble.
19 - Swear loyalty to hag and be his servant for 3d6 new moons (let character be in party doing what the rest of the party is doing, but he has his own "mini quest" for witch/hag always going on).
20 - Roll twice.

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