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Hands Of Death - Spell

Spell for Lamentation of the Flame Princess, d20, OSR and other fantasy roleplaying games.


Hands of Death is a powerful spell where caster can literally kill by touch. There is a small change for huge advantage but similarly a small change for disadvantage.


Image by: - Pushead
LVL 8 Cleric spell
Caster must learn the spell from the Order of the Death.
When casting the spell caster must touch the target with both hands without interruption for 5 turns.
Target rolls save versus death (what saving roll is best for this) or dies immediately.
There is 5% change (20 on d20) that caster will absorb the victims soul and immediately gains new level. His experience points remain the same though.
There is also 5% change (1 on d20) that when stealing other's life is so exhausting that caster looses one level. His experience is downgraded to minimum of his new level.

The Order Of The Death

To join the order following requirements must be met:

  • Character must be of Cleric class (or similar)
  • Character must worship a god dealing with death
  • Character must be evil
  • Minimum level to join the order is 7
Before membership character must run initiative quests. The quests are related to death. There are 5 steps of quests what Referee should decide.

In babtism to The Order of the Death character makes a vow that he will only serve death and nothing else. If character breaks this vow he dies. If character violates the vow he must make a will save (or what suits best) not to be outcast by his new god.

The order worships god of death and they practice taking lives for their god and for the balance of life.


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