Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mutant Future - Character's experience bomb leveled her up

New Year's eve we played Mutant Future and within one situation character leveled up for being clever. This is what happened:


Facility that burns trash, corpses and everything else for electricity to nearby fortified farms. 4 kilometers west from the facility is the farm of Thaumielsamael, a mutant NPC, their dog and horses. Between these two places is a big field surrounded with forest.

Related Background

In the field there were a pack of zunicorns (monster-zebra-unicorns of 6 HD) which player character Cassandra One (1st level android) went to check out but soon realized that those are really hazardous so she joined Thaumielsamael who were after their escaped horses. Zunicorns did not follow too much so they got to Thaumielsamael's farm in safe.

After Cassandra repaired herself she left the farm to get back to what she originally was doing.

The Encounter

Cassandra sees that there is a big pack of zombies around the backwall of the facility. She gets inside to the facility to check the situation out, but there's not much to do. Zombies can't get in so it's a waste to use ammunition to kill them.

Then for some reason zombies get "bored" and leave taking the direction where Thaumielsamael lives. Cassandra asks facility guards to help her and Thaumielsamael against the zombies because she is worried that the zombies could do some serious harm to them. Facility guards say it's not their problem. Cassandra tells the guards that they should remember their response when they need help. Guard captain considers this and agrees to give Cassandra some leftover fireworks (New Year's Eve we were playing) and tells that the zombies are easily distracted with noises, bright lights and such things.

Cassandra turns into unicorn form (yes, she is an Android capable of transforming in an unicorn - mutation table result) and gallops to warn Thaumielsamael about the zombies. While Thaumielsamael is  fortifying their farm just in case Cassandra has an idea.

She leaves back to the field where zunicorns were. They are still there, but now hiding in the forest line. She carefully advances and puts the fireworks down and lights them. Fireworks start and zombies see those and start to head there. Zunicorns are not amused and start to attack Cassandra but she gallops away leaving zunicorns and zombies attack each other.

Cassandra watches the battle lighten by the fireworks and enjoys 2460 points of experience for defeating a bunch of monsters!

She already had those around 1000 exp and second level needs 3001, so she leveled up and got one point of Charisma for that. (She now has CHA 14, lacking one point for any changes).

It was fun and I liked how player dealed with two monster situations at once without being directly involved in it. It's not always how you beat or shoot enemies to death but how you use your wit to deal with them.

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