Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fading Suns - 50th session

Today we started our 50th session in Fading Suns campaign Lost in space. We played our first session of this campaign in February 25. So this far game has lasted around 3 months.

Sessions haven't been that long, one or two to six hours depending on weekday. But we have played around 4-5 times per week, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Many strange and adventurous things have happened. They have met space pirates, little spy Sha-Tzuu who accompanied them, hunted goatsucking monster, were kidnapped to harem... There has been adventures, talking, drama, partying.

I can't tell how many times we have used dice in this campaign. Many sessions we didn't use rules or dice at all, just told the story. Some sessions we did roll dice just for fun. In this campaign there hasn't been that many fights. Main character maybe has fired her laser gun without emptying a clip yet. But shooting stuff isn't the point here. But the story.

Fading Suns is a science fiction game with rich game world, but I liked to add this another world to invent my own star system with it's unique encounters and planets. I used Valérian and Laurine comics as inspiration for new races and planets and it has been working fine.

Story started when main character encountered Sarwen and got into his crew in a space ship. Sarwen and the ships crew were in hurry to take off from the planet. Main character Chiasm wasn't sure, what was going on, but soldiers were after them. They did hasty jump through jumpgate and got lost. When they checked out where they had gotten themselves into, got into trouble and decided that it's time to get back to home the jumpgate wasn't there anymore. They were totally lost in alien star system and the adventure begun.

At this point the campaign is reaching it's end. Somehow I feel a bit sad. When campaign is fun, it's not easy to end it. Still, the end will be when they finally find their way back home.

50 sessions with great game Fading Suns, with fun story and great adventure.

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Would love to see a writeup of the solar system