Sunday, May 16, 2010

[Fading Suns] How to get new friends? Destroy their spacestation!

Heroes have discovered, that they are not lost in space, but actually jumped into future when entering the Jumpgate.

When they did the fatal jump, they were in hurry and didn't have enough time to calibrate and ensure the coordinates, and they didn't jump at their own turn but did cut the line. When they did the jump, they were lost. But here is what really happened.

They did get into the right spot where indended originally, just as they did make hasty jump without proper preparation, they did twist time and space and landed in the future. 250 years later. They have all the time been in their own world, but not their own time. They have seen the effect of "fading suns", some of systems are dead now. How did they find out about this timejump?

They got into a spacestation of Imperial Guardianship where they heard that theory. They did verify it by comparing the first time their map and the new map. There was enough similarities to verify the truth of timetravel.

At first Imperial Guardianship's officer Hans Zimmer gave this impression that he would help lost heroes crew to get back into their own world, but soon enough heroes found out, that Hans Zimmer was only interested in timetravel technology and hero crew was living proof that it was possible. Hans Zimmer didn't give them option to leave his spacestation, and wanted to use this knowledge to gain power. God complex you could say.

Character heroes did find out, that Hans Zimmer wasn't interesting into helping them but just gain this knowledge by using them. And they didn't like it, so they decided to escape the spacestation. And blow it just for laughs. Blowing it up was quite easy. Override core. It will blow up itself. Another problem was that they were attached to the station by really powerful electric magnet. Cut the power, they planned to get loose.

Override of the core was quite simple, but cutting the power out of electric magnet wasn't. They plannet to sneak into it by ventile shafts but when core started to overheat, the vents started to get really hot and filled with toxic gasses. They couldn't get the power out from the magnet, and were basically stuck on slowly exploding spacestation.

How to get magnet off without getting it off? Seal the hangar and rip your spaceship off. It will make damage, but atleast you won't be stuck on exploding spacestation. Another problem was, that Arpi and Sarwen propably cannot make it in time back to spaceship, and seems that they cannot get in the normal way. Gar the Vorox pilot is thinking, should they leave but hero (also PC) Chiasm refuses. They all will be saved, or destroyed. Waiting starts and they start to feel explosions with their bodies as exploding stations shakes their spaceship. After long wait and when counter starts to get into critical time they hear, that Arpi and Sarwen are in the ship. Chiasm first questions it, do they just say that so they could save others, but Arpi insists, they are onboard. Gar heats the engines, rips them out of spacestation and Chiasm runs to check out on Arpi and Sarwen, who both seem to be alive. A bit in bad shape, like freezed. As they fly away and spacestation explodes into Chiasm and the rest of the crew start to treat Arpi and Sarwen.

How did Arpi and Sarwen manage to get into the ship? They blew themself into space, hovered on top of their spaceship and got in. They had no spacesuits, so they get pretty cold in space temperature. Both survived without several injuries.

When they decided to get to safe planet they have visited before, they got a message. Message from Hans Zimmer who had survived the exploding spacestation. And he wasn't happy at all. Do I even need to tell you, that he want's to pay his new friends a visit in near future?

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