Monday, May 24, 2010

Vitruvian man hit locations

Vitruvian man is famous piece of art from Leonardo da Vinci indicating the dimensions and measurements of a human. More information in Wikipedia here.

Few years ago I wanted to add a random hit locations chart into Vampire: the Masquerade to give a little "twist" into firefights. I thought, that chart-only with text is really dull and wanted to make it graphic. For some reason, Vitruvian man got my attention.

I have to admit, the artwork from da Vinci is brilliant. It is just cool. And works perfectly for random hit location chart.

At first, as I used this for V:tM hit locations used D10, but scale 1-10 was a bit too small so I changed it for D12 to give more odds for middle body and hands and less for legs.

So here it is, Vitruvian man hit locations.

That small "YDIN" logo in the corner, yeah, it's for my rpg project.


Anonymous said...

Toi kuvaha ei sitte toimi, btw :P

Unknown said...

Aivan totta, mutta nyt toimii! Kiitosta huomiosta. Tiedä miten kauan itsellä olisi mennyt hokata tuokin.