Saturday, November 27, 2010

[D&D] Zapper wand Harry Potter style

I saw this trailer at Youtube. Haven't played the game and I don't even know what it is like, but man, it looks so ridiculous. It's like FPS but with zapping wands! But I got an idea to make Zapper Wand for Dungeons & Dragons (3rd ed) based on this trailer of Harry Potter game. So here it is...

Zapper Wand

Zapper wands are weapons in high-magical lands of fantasy. They are weapons that were used in great wizard wars. Even now wizards who are warriors do use these commonly.
Zapper wands come in huge range of sizes. Rule of thumb is, that the bigger Zapper wand is the greater damage it deals. Varieties are the following:

Damage 1D4, Crit 20 x2
Damage 1D6, Crit 20 x2
Damage 1D8, Crit 20 x2
Damage 1D10, Crit 20 x2
Damage 1D12, Crit 20x2

There are also high quality Zapper wands, what are the same as above but with:
Crit 20 x3
Crit 19-20 x3

Zapper wand has basically unlimited ammo. It only stops zappin' if you roll "1" with your ranged attack roll. That's it, and Zapper wand needs to reload and it works again next day (after midnight or what ever).

Ranges vary. Smaller Zapper wands don't shoot as long as bigger.

Final Words

Yes, I know this post is a bit stub. I didn't detail Zapper Wands' range, costs, rarity etc. but you can easily come up with something. But hey, how ridiculous does that trailer look? Seriously?

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