Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lazy on writing combat rules for YDIN project

Someone who has followed this blog might know that I am developing my own rpg system. In the following link to this blog you can find set of rules already written:

But I have been stuck on writing the rules. There is not yet rules for combat and wounding. I know how it works already, but am too lazy to write them down. Rules for combat and wounding are most detailed and long to write down. I am currently quite busy in my life, so those rules have been delayed for some time now.

I am planning to write so called basic combat to just explain how to hit, how armor works etc. to get started fighting with my system. And then write down advanced combat rules with more detail. There are some optional ideas for advanced combat, like armor piercing and piercing damage for bullets and swords (thanks for one blog poster for awesome ideas).

Rules for wounds and death would be so much faster and simplier to write down, but I think that it's useless to write them before actual combat rules.

After I have written those core rules down, I think I am free to develope specific, advanced and optional rules as I will what is the purpose of this system from the beginning. When YDIN basic rules are done I can write what ever I like to write in any order I want to.

I just need some inspiration and time to wrap YDIN basic rules together to move on the next step. I also want to make a PDF from basic rules to download, so they would be easier to access as the rules are currently only available in this blog in different posts (like chapters).

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