Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random flailure table - When flail fails

Cleric and his party encountered band of orcs what are known to roam the countryside killing and robbing travellers, stealing village's livestock and causing trouble for commoners. The battle begins and initiative roll favours the band of heroes. Cleric with highest initiative declares, that he'll bash some orc skulls as they aren't that hard opponents. Cleric pics up his D20, rolls it... Result is "1"...

Random Flailure table is for all players whose character uses flail. If you botch critically, ask your player to roll 20-sided die and tell his flail fail result!

D20 Roll - Result of flailure
  1. Flail is dropped on character's feet. 1 round (or action) to pick it up.
  2. Same as above.
  3. Flail flyes away 2D6 feet 1D8 direction (1 north, 2 north-east, 3 east etc.).
  4. Same as above, 25% change to hit target at that direction.
  5. Hitting nearest person with low power (½ damage, (PC or NPC).
  6. Hitting nearest person with normal power (½ damage, PC or NPC).
  7. Hitting nearest person with critical damage (PC or NPC).
  8. Hitting yourself with low power (½ damage).
  9. Same as above.
  10. Hitting yourself with normal power (normal damage).
  11. Critical hit on self (critical damage).
  12. Flail is broken, can be repaired.
  13. Flail is broken beyond repair.
  14. Flail chain gets tangled. -5 to attack rolls (D&D). Takes 1D4 turns to clear.
  15. Flail ball detached (check 3, ½ damage). Can be used as chain weapon (or ½ damage) before repair.
  16. Flail flies away and gets lost. Search DC 20 to find it.
  17. Flail gets stuck on bearer's equipment. 1D3 turns to clear it.
  18. Flail's chain around neck. Deal like grabble attack with ½ of bearer's strength.
  19. Flail's chain around neck severely. Deal like grabble attack with bearer's normal strength.
  20. Flail's chain around neck and ball bumps on head. Same as 16 + ½ flail damage.
So, next time your player's character fails with flail, ask him to roll D20!

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