Friday, November 5, 2010

Making demonic random table

I decided to start work on demonic random table for evil and demonic creatures, characters and NPCs. There are few columns in my table:

  • Roll result what shows what demonic quality or characteristic is possessed
  • Description tells what the result is like
  • System tells how it works or what it does and could be modified to suit the system you are using
Roll is made with D666 (roll similarly to D100 but just use 3D6). So there is lots of options to write down. How many times will one roll D666 in first place is decided by gamemaster or rolled randomly. I give some ideas for that. For NPC's somekind of demonic level could tell how many rolls you do, and for characters random roll (1D6).

This is fun to do, but there is so many things to write down to the table to fill empty spaces. I am currenlty almost half way through, but there is still over 100 to come up with.

So, if you have any ideas for demonic powers, characteristics or qualities for monsters, characters and NPCs feel free to suggest them in comments below. Help and ideas are appreciated highly!

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