Thursday, November 18, 2010

Orbs are dust particles, or are they?

Everyone knows so called ghost photographs with orbs. Orbs are those floating circles and balls what are said to be spirits. But the truth is not that fascinating or paranormal. Orbs are just dust particles or moisture reflecting camera's flash. Or the brightest ones are lens flares.

So, there is nothing paranormal in orbs. They are not proof of orbs or existence and activity of spirits. They are just normal phenomenom. And worst "proof" of ghost activity.

But in your horror campaign, what if orbs are paranormal? How to make these real life dust particles and camera flash reflections paranormal? Here is an idea how to make dust particle orbs paranormal in your game those still remaining dust:

Paranormal Dust Orbs

Orbs are dust. That is true. You get orbs into your photo from flash reflecting on them. In so called haunted cellars and atticks there is dust more obviously. But when this dust is paranormal, there are problems.
Even though there is dozens or even hundreds of dust orbs in photo it doesn't affect you. Maybe the air is just stuffy but that's all.
But if you start to get pictures of orbs at your house. First one or two every now and then. Then more often, then more. More you start to get photographs of these dust particles more hard it is for you to breath. But it only affects you. No one else in the house suffers for hard breathing. And every day there are more orbs present. And every day it is harder you to breath.
If you take photos outside, those dust particle orbs seem to follow you. You might take the picture, are hard to breath but if your friend takes a picture in same place there is no orbs more than normally there would be depending on camera and flash settings.
If you are in picture where there are more people, the orbs seem to be collected around you in the picture.

You are haunted by the eerie ghastly dust particle orbs. And they suffocate you.

Doctors cannot find anything wrong with you, but still they agree that it's hard for you to breath and you are slowly suffocating. But medical science doesn't have answers for your condition.

Campaign contains these elements to solve, before your character dies:

  • What are these haunted dust particle orbs?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What character has done so he has this suffocating haunting on him?
  • What character can do to get rid of these haunted dust particle orbs?
This would be best as a solo adventure, as it is focused on one character and his struggle to find the truth and remedy before he dies. Or one of character party could be haunted by these orbs and the party tries to solve the mystery before their fellow suffocates to death. Or characters could be hired to help someone to get rid of this haunting.

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