Thursday, September 1, 2011

Currently my hobby

Few things and thoughts what I am currently doing in rpg hobby.

Saw some cool rpg books on this rpg forum market, made an offer and after it a deal. I probably wont play them, but I do collect games so I couldn't resist. I am not going into details what those titles are but will totally post about them after I get them.
I can say, that one of those is really well known fantasy role playing game I am not familiar with; another I got because of Tolkien's influence on mainstream fantasy; third is different version of one really popular fantasy role playing game I played when I was a kid and the last one is campaign setting for D&D 3.0.

I am still storytelling Vampire: the Masquerade for Nosferatu character. It's longer than I expected. This weekend we are running almost the 70th session! Well in the other hand Vampire is our favourite game so it was expected to stretch.

I try to read all there rpg books I have bought but never bothered to dig in. I love how they look on my shelf, I love to shuffle them but for some reason I don't have time to read them. Currently I am slowly reading Ghoul: Fatal Addiction for Vampire: the Masquerade. Really sweet book. I like thinner books. Easier to finish. Thicker books are intimidating even if they were interesting in concept. But luckily I got few Masquerade and Apocalypse sourcebooks which are thin enough.

Thinking about when I get YDIN in print. It will take aeons with this pace but I am ok with it. It's more important for me to create something new. It's been quite some time when I last created something new but autumn lessens the stress level at work so maybe then.

Need to finish rules and campaign/adventure for my online friend who is virgin in role playing. Will use YDIN. It will be mystery set in middle ages about superstition, a werewolf, murders etc.

Have watched 3 and a half of my Bud Spencer and Terence Hill four dvd box and am thinking what rpg system would do the trick for humorous fist fighting rpg. Savage Worlds is fast and furious and I have read Test Drive rules but I never got that exited about it. I gotta try YDIN for it some day with one or two special rules. That's what YDIN is for; core mechanics you can tweak for different needs.

Also got my gaming pc running again and building rpg characters and locations from my games with The Sims 3.

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