Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Games I have played

Do YOU dear reader have a list of games you have played in your blog or website? Be free to share it in comments section!

Oh gosh, I don't remember all the roleplaying games I have played from the beginning, but I try to list as many as possible. I most definately will forget maybe few or even tons of them, but here are what I remember now.

I did use this list from Wikipedia to help me remember all the games I have played. Some of them sounded and felt really familiar by name but I didn't include them as I am not 100% sure if I have played them. I am also not sure if that list includes every single RPG I have played. Still, that list helped me a lot.

This list has 32 titles I have played but last time when I still remembered something (early senile) I got a higher number. Around 50 or so. I suppose those games are those I don't remember and aren't included in Wikipedia list. Also some uncertain games from Wikipedia list what I didn't count into because of a hunch I bet I remembered few years back better that I had played them.

Overall, I am a bit disappointed on my list. That's not too many games considering I have been playing around 18-19 years for now. I hope in following months and years I can grow my gaming experience with different titles more as I got plenty of unplayed games in my collection.

Anyways, this is roughly my RPG history.

In alphabetical order. Games I still own I have marked with * and games I have own but don't have anymore I have marked with **. I do own more games than those marked here, but haven't played them so I obviously don't include those in this particular list.

Roleplaying Games I Have Played Or Gamemastered Over the Years From The Beginning Of My Hobby (Circa. 1992-1993)

*Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition (with some commercial settings)
Wasn't my cup of tea but maybe today because of it's historical value
*All Flesh Must Be Eaten
I digged, player didn't but I will re-run this most definately
*ANKH - Adventures of the North Kalevala Heroes
First game I played, first game I bought
Ars Magica (first or second edition)
Only a session or two so cannot say much about this one
*Blue Rose
Lame setting but campaign was nice to GM
*Call of Cthulhu (Finnish translation and 5th edition)
Great horror-mystery game
**Cyperpunk 2020
Early teenager boys and cyberpunk, go figure the fun we had
Felt really interesting but unfortunately only played one session
Dungeons & Dragons (Finnish translation)
Wasn't made for my group
*Dungeons & Dragons 3.0
It was surprisingly fun actually as a GM
*Earthdawn (first edition)
Nothing much to say about this but we didn't dig too deep to Earthdawn setting lore
*Fading Suns (first edition)
Favourite sci-fi game
**GURPS (with different sourcebooks and settings)
For some reason I don't dig GURPS anymore although it has some interesting sourcebooks to use
Keski-Maa Roolipeli (Middle-Earth RPG a.k.a. MERP)
Only a player, really bad experience mainly because of the GM
*KULT (first edition)
Awesome setting but I am not that sure about rules
Legend of the Five Rings (first edition)
Had so much as a player with this
Paranoia (Finnish translation)
Don't remember much about this but GM was first-timer
*Pendragon (first edition)
Didn't play enough to see all the cool family line things
One of the best or even best Finnish low-fantasy RPG
Roolimestari (Rolemaster Finnish translation)
Only a player, don't remember that much about this
Runequest (Finnish translation)
Didn't dig that deep into Glorantha lore but we were young then
**Shadowrun (Finnish translation and some English edition)
Didn't dig that deep into this and had worst and good gaming
*Stormbringer (Finnish translation)
Really interesting, but didn't dig too deep into the setting lore
**Tie Tähtiin 2300AD (finnish translation of 2300AD)
Loved to GM this but it was full of translation errors what made rules hard to get right
Twilight 2000 (Finnish translation)
GM was really good and made war adventuring great
Finnish cyberpunk focused on girlbands tested with MSN and it was different in a good way
*Vampire: the Dark Age (first edition)
Absolutely love the atmosphere
*Vampire: the Masquerade Revised
My all-time favourite
Warhammer 40.000 (early one)
Was kind of disappointed and not sure was it because of GM
Warhammer RPG (first edition)
GM had his good and bad phases but generally I liked this
*Werewolf: the Forsaken
Great gaming but not that inspired about nWoD
*World of Darkness
Basically started W:tF with mortal character and I liked it althought not inspired by nWoD

...and homebrews too many to even remember.


Anonymous said...

Well, on my blog I listed games I have played and have not played:

D&D (Basic, AD&D 1st ed., 2nd ed. D&D 3rd ed., 3.5, 4th ed.) Gamma World 1st ed. Star Frontiers. James Bond 007. Palladium RPG. Rolemaster. MERP. Talislanta 1st ed. Star Wars (WEG 1st ed). Paranoia. Villains & Vigilantes. Champions (1st & 2nd ed.). Marvel Superheros. Fantasy Wargaming. WHFRP. GURPS (Fantasy, Horror, Supers, Riverworld, Swashbucklers, Autoduel, Conan, Rome, Cyberpunk, and many, many homebrew worlds involving some combination of historical settings, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, alternate time-lines and realities, etc.) Shadowrun. Cyberpunk 2010. Over the Edge. Call of Cthulhu. Castles & Crusaders. TSR’s Conan RPG. Psi World. TORG. All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Buffy the vampire slayer. Generic d6. Toon. Dragonquest. Battlelords of the 25th Century. Amazing Engine. Underground. CAPES. Old School Hack.

RPGs I’ve never played:

Runequest. Tunnels & Trolls. Empire of the Petal Throne. Harn. Chill. Chivalry & Sorcery. Pendragon. Kult. Swordbearer. Aftermath. Nephilim. Stormbringer. Amber Diceless. World of Darkness.

Miniatures wargames I’ve played:

Warhammer 2nd, 3rd ed. Warhammer Ancients. Fantasy Warriors. DBA. HOTT. Man-o-War. HeroClix.

Miniatures wargames I’ve not played but have either owned or read. Excluding free games published only online:

Broadsword. Battlesystem 2nd ed. Revenge! Rules according to Ral. Battlestorm. Fantasy Rules! Fantasy Wargaming. Bladestorm. Chainmail (Gygax/Perrin ed.). Warmaster. WRG Ancients 7th ed. Ring of Rule. D&D Miniatures. Chainmail (WotC ed.). MageKnight. HorrorClix (& other Clicky games, etc.). Heroscape.

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YAY i think it works !!! SAULCOLD is that u?? Did i find u after all this time my old friend? :(

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