Friday, September 2, 2011

Warp shitted

Sorry for bad language of this post, but even imaginary science characters do curse if it suits their character concept. So... here is a term for science fiction roleplaying games: Warp Shitted.

I came up with this term when I saw term "sharp witted" on one site and just twisted it to warp shitted. After a short laugh it all was clear to me.

Some people cannot stand warping. They get nausea and or headache. This is called "physiological short term symptoms of warping". But generally in slang, it is just called "warp shitted".

You can use it in sentence like this:
"Oh man, I don't like this at all. I get warp shitted so easily."
"That newbie, he was totally warp shitted after his first wormhole."
"I drank too much last night. I feel so totally warp shitted now."
"Hands up who needs bags for warp shitting after a Jump Gate?"

You can also use it in more witty ways. Like this:
"This song totally shits my warp!" (This song is awesome, or horrible depending on context.)
"What a warping shit way to die." (What a horrible way to die.)
"What the shitwarp are you talking about?" (What the F*** are you talking about.)
"Don't mess with my warp shit ever again!" (Don't mess my things ever again.)
"I warp the shit out of him!" (I totally kick his a**.)
"What the warpshit is this?" (What the heck is this?)

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