Thursday, November 24, 2011

Adding flaws to YDIN

In character creation you have three points to share for gifts. Gifts are those specialties what make difference between player characters, powerful NPCs and normal people. Gifts cost between one to three points depending on how powerful they are.

At fists I didn't include flaws. My opinion on forced flaws is that I need to take them to gain something. Sometimes I even forget to play my characters' flaws because of this. That's the reason I originally included gifts in character creation and forfeited flaws.
Flaws and quirks I ment to be only for character description without any penalty.

But then I started to think why would anyone want to play drunk or blind character? For the sake of story of course but it's not fair to be a good player making flawed character what is weaker because of it.

So, there are flaws as an option. You are free to use maximum of three points to buy flaws if you want to. Taking a flaw you get equally points for gifts of 2x points for skills.

It is not forced to balance character's gifts with flaws as gifts in character creation are freebie. But if you think your character concept needs a disadvantage, you can take it and get a small refund.

Naturally there are players who will abuse the system getting flaws to get more gifts or higher skill values. But I don't want to force normal players with flaws. No flaws for player who doesn't want any means no gifts. Flaws for player who wants extra doesn't matter. So anyways he would take flaws for slightly better character.

So my character creation decision is, that every character gets gifts. If you want you can take flaws to get small bonus for gifts and/or skills. Unfortunately it is up to player and gamemaster to execute the flaws. But that's the way it is in every game where you get bonuses from taking flaws or disadvantages.

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